7 best Justin Timberlake cover songs
Carlos YT337/YouTube

Justin Timberlake's songs haven't just won over millions of fans; they've inspired other artists, too. AXS has compiled a short list of the best Justin Timberlake covers by other singers, who performed his hits in a variety of different ways. Listen to each cover by clicking the links below, and get the latest information on Justin Timberlake and his upcoming shows by visiting his artist page at AXS.

7) "Cry Me A River" - Justin Bieber

During the early days of his career, Justin Bieber took after Justin Timberlake by covering "Cry Me A River." It's clear in the video that he's still developing into the superstar he is today, and so his cover isn't a smash hit. But it's still a strong effort, and it's also interesting to see Bieber when he's still coming into his own. Even back then, he had potential.

6) "Can't Stop The Feeling" - Olly Murs

"Can't Stop The Feeling" is a party song through and through, and Olly Murs did his best to keep the party going when he covered it. There's all the energy the song needs in this cover, even if it doesn't have the same massive production behind it as the original. Plus it's clear that Murs is having as much fun covering it as Timberlake did when he recorded it.

5) "Can't Stop The Feeling" - Angie Keilhauer

Angie Keilhauer, whom audiences will remember as a member of Team Blake during "The Voice" season 10, went the opposite direction with her "Can't Stop The Feeling" cover. She turned the pop hit into a pop-country song, which gets her points for creativity. Not only that but stripping it down to just her and her guitar worked surprisingly well.

4) "Pusher Love Girl" - Pentatonix

When they rose to national fame on NBC's "The Sing-Off," Pentatonix was covering people's songs every week. That experience obviously helped in their version of "Pusher Love Girl," which they made look effortless. And like every other Pentatonix song, they demonstrated just how much a cappella music is capable of. They didn't need help to put their own spin on the song.

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3) "Cry Me A River" - CHVRCHES

CHVRCHES amped up "Cry Me A River" when they covered it. What makes Justin Timberlake's original so memorable is that this is a song about a man who's been done wrong, and audiences can hear the venom as he rejects his ex-lover. CHVRCHES were able to put that same kind of attitude into their cover, and also use their own talents to make it sound even more captivating.

2) "Mirrors" - David Archuleta

It's been a long time since David Archuleta was on "American Idol" and he's come a long way since then. There's something so real and vulnerable about his version of "Mirrors," like he's pouring a little bit of himself out to the audience. The song seems like a natural fit for him, even though it's not his song at all.

1) "Mirrors" - Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding is an underrated vocalist in her own right, but she truly impressed with her own version of "Mirrors." Like Archuleta, she hit the song's sweet spot and brought the best out of it. At the same time, her own natural talent elevated the cover to another level. The end result is a performance just as memorable as the original. Watch it by playing the video above and you'll never hear "Mirrors" the same way again.

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