7 best Maite Perroni songs
YouTube/Maite Perroni

Maite Perroni is a woman who can do it all.

She can act, she can slay the trendiest clothes on the runway, and, most of all, she can sing.  Perroni’s other talents can, at times, overshadow the fact that she has one heck of a voice; and not only is that voice powerful, but she can also write some truly amazing music. So, for this article, we’re going to focus on her music career, and list the seven best songs from Perroni that should be on everyone’s playlist.

7. “Adicta”

Listening to this song, it’s hard to not get out of the chair and dance. “Adicta” (“Addict” in Spanish) will definitely get one hooked to the searing Latin rhythms and Perroni’s sultry voice. The single was a huge hit for Perroni in 2016, going to number 17 on the Latino Pop Charts and reaching number six on the Airplay chart in Mexico.


6. “Asi Soy”

Perroni is a prolific songwriter, something that the creators of The Greatest Showman soundtrack clearly recognized. Perroni’s contribution to that soundtrack was the beautiful “Asi Soy” (“Here I Am”), a touching ballad that will stir up loving emotions. “Asi Soy” is a standing example of just how great of a songwriter Perroni is, and for fans looking for a beautiful ballad, it doesn’t get any more touching and beautiful than “Asi Soy.”

5. “Mi Pecado” with Reik

Back in 2008, Perroni was still very much known for her acting, but many were beginning to take note of her singing ability. One Latin act was Reik, who invited Perroni to sing a duet with “Mi Pecado” (“My Sin”). It’s a breathtaking duet, and Perroni’s voice perfectly meshes with Reik. It’s a little-known ballad that many should really get to know.

4. “Vas A Quere Volver”

Perroni is a talent that can master both the uptempo and the ballad. When she mixes both together, though, she is simply on a universe on her own. This is perfectly illustrated in “Vas A Quere Volver” (“Do You Want To Come Back?”), a bachata track that should be played in every Latin club. Heck, any club in general; and it should be a law passed as when “Vas A Quere Volver” comes on, one has to stop what they’re doing, grab a partner, and start dancing. Seriously, this song is that good.

3. “Quien es ese?” with Carlos Baute and Juhn

OK, so this is technically not a Perroni track, she was a guest star here; but “Quien es ese?” (Who Is That?”) should be considered for a Perroni soundtrack just off of the Latin percussion alone. “Quien es ese?” is a sweet mid-tempo Bachata tune that should develop into a nice hit for all those involved.

2. “Tu y Yo”

Bachata music is a sound for the soul. It doesn’t really matter if one can understand Spanish or not, though an understanding of Spanish would go a long way for some to understand the lyrics. Bachata is a sub-genre best danced too, and few records can match up to the sound of “Tu y Yo” (“You and Me”), Perroni’s first single and one that was a major hit in her native Mexico.

1. “Bum Bum Dale Dale” ft Reykon

The song was just released, but “Bum Bum Dale Dale” already has the potential to be a massive hit for Perroni. Not only does she retain the Bachata sound that she’s famous for, but Perroni also mixes in tropical and reggaeton influences that make this an immediate dance club anthem.