7 best Maroon 5 cover songs
BBC Radio 1/Youtube.com

Maroon 5 is a pop/rock band that has been racking up hit after hit since 2002. Fronted by lead singer Adam Levine, the group has also benefited by his high degree of media visibility owing somewhat to longtime appearances as a judge on TV's "The Voice." The band has had four Number 1 singles and is among the world's best selling artists. Stylistically Maroon 5 incorporates elements of pop, rock, blue-eyed soul, funk and a touch of hip hop. The band performed at the halftime show of Super Bowl LIII . Here are 7 of the best cover versions of Maroon 5 songs.

7. "Cold" - Emma Heesters 

Maroon 5's original version was a single release in early 2017 and featured a rap section by Future. This cover by Emma Heester is a straightforward piano and vocal performance that showcases the song's strong chorus hook. The song works well in this stripped down mode.

6. "Girls Like You" - Walk off the Earth

This Canadian group is well known for their cover versions of pop hits. One of their signatures is to post videos with group members sharing one guitar and dividing the strumming and fretting chores between 2 or more players at the same time, as well as someone playing a percussion pattern on it.  Here they also share lead and harmony vocals.  It's a very appealing version of the Maroon 5 hit.

5. "She Will Be Loved" - Tiffany Alvord & Boyce Avenue  

This is a mid-tempo dual guitar version. It features male and female singers alternating the lead vocal and joining together for a nice harmony mix on the choruses. Also some finger picking on the electric guitar and rhythm on the acoustic. It is low-key with an appealing vibe. 

4. "Payphone" - Megan Nicole and Dave Days 

The young vocal duo give a spirited performance of Maroon 5's Number 2 charting hit single from 2011. The track features a full polished production. The song is hook-laden but this cover avoids the explicit rap section from the original and is perhaps more oriented toward younger listeners. 

3. "Maps" - Max and Alyson Stoner 

This take on the Top 10 hit from 2014 retains the rhythmic island feel from the original. As with a number of the Maroon 5 covers here, the vocals are split between a male and female singer. There is an infectious vibe and joyful energy to the track even though the lyrics tell a tale of relationship issues that are not all positive.     

2. "Sugar" - Michael Kight

As a contestant on "The Voice" Knight performs this huge hit in front of its composer and original vocalist. Kight's rendition earns him a spot on Adam Levine's team. The vocal is clean and well executed with only a very minimal instrumental backing. Very well done.

1.  "Maroon 5 Medley" - Victoria Justice & Max Schneider 

This is a clever mashup of a number of the groups biggest hits. The arrangement is fairly seamless with lots of energy. The vocals are shared and delivered with slick style. The hits by Levine and Co. have become the soundtrack for the millennial mainstream and are well represented here.