7 best Michael Bublé moments
AXS TV/YouTube

Michael Bublé has given music fans plenty of memorable moments over his career. He's won Grammy Awards, delivered Platinum records, and made all kinds of remarkable appearances in concert and on television. There are some particularly enjoyable moments, though, that prove how amazing Michael Bublé is. Watch the singer's 7 best moments by clicking the links below, before getting tickets to see Michael Bublé live here at AXS.

7) Appearing on Sesame Street

Whenever any music artist appears with The Muppets, it brings out a whole other side of them. That was the case when Bublé appeared on "Sesame Street" and performed with Elmo and his friends. While a lot of singers have been on the show, his appearance was one of the best ever. It was a catchy musical performance that also brought out Bublé's natural charm and proved he's a star even while he's singing children's songs.

6) Hosting "Saturday Night Live"

Speaking of TV appearances, Bublé scored when he visited NBC's "Saturday Night Live." It was there that he displayed his hidden talent as a comedian, making the episode a lot funnier than most "SNL" episodes these days. In fact, the best sketch came directly from the Grammy winner's career: it poked fun at his Christmas album by showing a few holiday duets that didn't make it onto the record. His reaction to the fake Lady Gaga is priceless.

5) "Haven't Met You Yet" music video

With the video for "Haven't Met You Yet," Bublé took the most mundane task and made it sound like the most fun thing on the planet. Setting his music video in the aisles of a supermarket was genius, and is still the most fun anyone has ever had grocery shopping. He was able to coordinate an entire marching band and tell the kind of romantic story music fans only dream of. Plus, the video is even better in hindsight since his future wife appears in it!

4) Singing with a fan

Many music stars have brought fans up on stage at their concerts. But when Michael Bublé did it several years ago, it was on a whole other level. Bublé pulled a 15-year-old fan out of the crowd to sing an entire song with him! When watching the video, it's obvious how much love Bublé has for his fans, and how he's making it the kid's moment and not his. It showed that Bublécomes alive under the spotlight, but he can also effortlessly shine it on someone else, too.

3) His celebrity impressions

When appearing on AXS TV's "The Big Interview with Dan Rather," Bublé proved that he's not only brilliant at covering other artists' songs but can also do some killer impressions of them as well. He's not only a talented artist, but also an excellent impressionist, which in turn shows off how versatile of a performer he is. Check out Bublé's entertaining and eye-opening impressions by playing the video above.

2) "Hollywood" music video

Bublé's video for "Hollywood" is one of the most creative videos in pop history. It also was an excellent example of how he's a full-fledged entertainer. While performing the song, Bublé also went through even more celebrity impressions and other personas, from playing a cowboy on a Western set to a character clearly based on Justin Bieber. It's creative, entertaining, fun and an entire one-man show.

1) Carpool Karaoke

Bublé recently appeared on the "Carpool Karaoke" segment of CBS's "The Late Late Show with James Corden" and it instantly became his best moment. Not only did Bublé and James Corden belt out some really, truly great renditions of the singer's greatest hits, but Bublé opened up about his son's battle with cancer and let the audience share something so personal and emotional with him. It demonstrated that not only is Michael Bublé a great singer, but he's also a great human being.

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