7 best songs covered by Michael Bublé
Michael Buble

Michael Bublé is the standard jazz guy of our century. His repertoire includes many jazz standards and of course his own equally as good original songs. Here we take a look at his 7 best songs covered by Michael Bublé. Though he is a singer-songwriter of his own, he made a career covering amazing classic jazz standards. Take a look at the top 7 below.

7. Come Fly With Me Frank Sinatra

Michael Bublé is considered a standards singer, and it doesn't get any more standard than Frank Sinatra. This is not the first Sinatra cover that Michael has done, but it is a really good one. Come Fly With Me is a song that most anyone can recognize, and though Michael's version was done in the postmodernization age, it still has that old school feel.

6. Sway Dean Martin

This song was released by Dean Martin and has a very distinct Latin sound. The Dean Martin version compared to the Michael Bublé cover is similar when it comes to the melody, but the harmonies of the instruments vary which makes both recordings quite nice and unique. Michael really adds a stronger jazzy feel to it and makes it his own.

5. Moondance Van Morrison

Van Morrison is a singer-songwriter that has a lot of “Michael Bublé type of cover songs”, Moondance is one of those songs. Moondance is a simple but very jazzy love song. Michael keeps the melody the same and really embodies Van Morrison in his version. Michael really makes the listener swoon with this romantic song.  

4. Crazy Love Van Morrison

Another Van Morrison song, and another romantic love song. Michael’s version is slightly more up-tempo with a more produced sound. Van Morrison has a really sweet raw vocal situation happening, Michael really seems like he was going for a cleaner sound. Michael really does this simple song justice with a higher instrument count, but still staying true to the feeling of the song.

3. Me and Mrs. Jones Billy Paul

This song was recorded by Billy Paul and is a cheeky song about a man having an affair with a lady he calls Mrs. Jones. The song has a somber tone and you can feel the pain and emotion in Michael's voice when he sings it. The light jazzy background music really exposes Michael’s great vocals. The song not only requires a great voice, but a great conviction in what’s being said, and Michael has it down.

2. Can’t Help Falling in Love Elvis Presley

When you hear this song, you know it’s an Elvis Presley song. That being said, there are some big shoes to fill if you cover it. Michael is no stranger to big artists and their songs, he always finds a way to do it just right. This is such a pretty love song and you really believe it when you hear Michael singing, it is really beautiful.

1. Feeling Good Nina Simone

This song was arguably made famous by Nina Simone when she recorded it after it was originally written for a musical. You can really feel Simone’s style in the way that Michael sings it. It’s a pretty big song, with some impressive vocals. Overall you need to be a damn good performer to pull this one off. Michael’s version feels almost like you're listening to the soundtrack of a spy movie. It’s original and grand which lands it in our number one spot.

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