7 games that stood out during E3 2019
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Despite a gradual change from a focus on gaming industry members to a focus on gamers themselves, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is still all about the video games it showcases. Developers and publishers from around the world gather in one location to share their products. The inclusion of the average gamer to E3 allows consumers a chance to try out a game before it releases to the wider public.

During E3 2019, a wide variety of games were available for Industry, Media, and Gamer badge-holders to sample. Some of these games were your typical, run-of-the-mill affair. They did not call for attention in any unique manner. Other games were, quite frankly, astonishing in their gameplay, their presentation, and their innovation.

Here are 7 games that stood out from the crowd of games during E3 2019:

7. “Luigi’s Mansion 3”

“Luigi’s Mansion 3” is a highly anticipated release on the Nintendo Switch. So far, Nintendo has yet to let down its followers, and “Luigi’s Mansion 3” follows in that steadfast tradition. The demo was made particularly memorable by the inclusion of Gooigi. Gooigi functions as a potential second-player character or as an interchangeable character while playing in single-player mode. Essentially a gooey version of Luigi, Gooigi can traverse through sections the more solid green plumber can’t. Gooigi’s role in “Luigi’s Mansion 3” stole hearts at the game’s E3 2019 demo.

6. “Cyberpunk 2077”

“Cyberpunk 2077” stole the show at the Xbox press conference in the Microsoft Theater. The surprise reveal of Keanu Reeves delighted and intrigued fans of the game. However, the demo itself piqued their interest even more. The demo showcased the variety in “Cyberpunk 2077’s” combat. It demonstrated how players could play stealthily to achieve objectives or go all out in an assault-type manner. While the combat is not particularly unique, the demo’s presentation garnered admiration from those present.

5. “Borderlands 3”

The South Hall’s exhibit floor was practically dominated by the “Borderlands 3” booth. In fact, calling it a “booth” is an insult to the grand area devoted to the four-player cooperative shooter. The demo highlighted the strengths of each playable character, particularly Moze. With her mech, Iron Bear, Moze can mow down a large amount of enemies in front of her without breaking a sweat. That is, she can if the player behind her actions is capable enough.

4. “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne”

While not a full game all on its own, “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne” stood out from the crowd not only because a statue of a large behemoth encircled half of their area, but because the demo for this expansion involved hunting a monster with up to three other people. This group of four could take on a hunt for the entirety of the demo, no matter how long it took. This fact alone made “Iceborne” stand out on an exhibit floor mostly taken up with non-playable demos.

3. “Psychonauts 2”

In a world where video games maintain a generic, photorealistic look to them, something that diverges from this standard immediately catches your eye. “Psychonauts 2,” the platforming sequel to the 2005 original, may not have had the bombast of other games on the exhibit floor, but it definitely had the advantage when it came to its unique art style. No other game shared its Tim Burton-esque images. Its off-the-wall humor was also immensely appealing.

2. “Doom Eternal”

The polish of “Doom Eternal” speaks for itself. No other first-person shooter on the exhibit floor compared to the fast-paced action and smooth-flowing combat of “Doom Eternal.” The demo revealed the speed at which a player could play the next “Doom” game coming from Bethesda Softworks. Slaying demons has never been more appealing or more enticing to the average gamer.

1. “Hot Swap: All Hands on Deck”

The game that stood out the most in all of E3 2019 was relegated to a tiny corner of the West Hall of the LA Convention Center. “Hot Swap: All Hands on Deck” was an indie game that astounded and amazed those who played it. It deserves whatever recognition it can get for being one of the most innovative and engaging games we have ever seen. Two players essentially control a ship on the high seas with a rectangular controller. In order to survive, they must swap out input devices on their controllers, which leads to some of the most zany cooperation skills a gamer has ever gone through. “Hot Swap” was made by Peter Gyory, Clement Zheng, and Matt Bethancourt.