7 sports games we hope are announced at E3 2019
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Sports games have been around since the Atari days allowing fans the chance to virtually jump in the game with their favorite players. Few sports have remained untouched in the gaming world and with E3 2019 just around the corner, we at AXS wanted to take a nostalgic look at some games we want to see more of soon. Here are seven we hope to play someday:

“Fight Night”
EA SPORTS has been doing wonders with its UFC series and has made it the pinnacle of simulators of the sport. The “Fight Night” game series has continued to create new additions each and every year. The “Fight Night” series gradually added more in-depth story modes as well as a career mode and customization of one’s characters similar to “Fall Out 4” customizations. The graphics and attention to detail explain why the series has been held at high esteem. From the sweat beads on an opponent’s glove to the visible black eyes and abrasions, the game is detailed immaculately. Hopefully, EA will revive the series and we’ll see a new addition to the series this coming E3.

“Duck Hunt”
Pump the breaks on calling PETA, no real animals are hurt in this game, but the “Duck Hunt” dog is a target of anyone who the dog has laughed at for missing the ducks in the game. The game features a  light gun and super-scope with fun peripherals that add a very real feel to it. It fits with other light gun games like “Hogan’s Alley” and “Bayou Billy.” Nintendo has been outstanding in adding these elements to their games and would like to see them return to some of the classic especially those that used these peripherals in a unique way.

“Tony Hawk”
“Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” (THPS) series defined the genre and EA SPORTS ran with it with their latest release as 2010’s Skate 3. It has been a while since a pro skater game has hit the scene and with the ever-dwindling selection in sports titles on the current consoles, it would be great to see a return to the sport along with other X-Games, like BMX and inline. For now, we only have a small glimmer of hope that if any publishers (looking at you EA) will “make America Skate again” hopefully with E3 around the corner we will see.

“Ridge Racer”
“Ridge Racer” was one of those games that were pretty solid when it was first released in 1993. The polygon and cartoonish graphics at the time made it a great visual game for the eyes, and the soundtrack and gameplay had us leaning into every turn controller in hand. One of the best gameplay mechanics was the fact that one could play a short game of “Galaga” as “Ridge Racer” loaded and if the player cleared all the alien ships one would receive an even better selection of cars. Even though their latest release in the series was back in 2016 with “Ridge Racer Draw” and “Drift” it was a lackluster racing experience on the go. It’s about time for the series to get a facelift, with new fleshed-out cartoonish graphics and the wacky commentary and sound effects that made it a blast to play.  

“Track & Field”
The Olympics used to bring with it video games to match with everything from generic styled Olympians from their respective countries to cavemen chucking rock and pole-vaulting over dinosaurs and Mario and Sonic competing for Olympic gold. The original NES not only had a pretty decent game but offered additional interaction with the Nintendo Power-pad. Even though games like these usually roll around just in time for the live games, it would be enjoyable for developers to modernize the video game for today.  With the advancement of the consoles and the internet, there may be a day coming that we will be able to compete for the gold online.

 “Top Spin”
Tennis is one of those sports that’s fun to watch, hard to play live and fun to play on the console. Other than “AO Tennis” (Australian Open) by Big Ant Studios on the current consoles, there aren’t many contenders for the Cup these days. AO Tennis which at launch soured a lot of critics with its day-one patches didn’t come out of the blocks very smoothly but the game finally hit its stride after several patches (10 total). “Top Spin” was one of those franchises that got people interested in tennis with great gameplay and realistic animations. It would be a great return to the franchise and see 2K rekindle the flames. Let’s hope to see a return to the sport in the near future because we have been itching to grab a partner and play a couple of games of doubles.

“NCAA Football”
It’s still a touchy debate on whether NCAA players deserve to get paid for their likeness in video games but, there are some that still love the franchise and would like to see it come back. The NCAA video game was the little brother to “Madden” and with every new installment the franchise, career modes and gameplay got better. It was the precursor for what we were going to see in “Madden” franchise in the coming year. The college stadiums, crowds, and student sections added a nice touch to the immersion in the college spectrum. The playbooks were like no other and really allowed the player to pull off some amazing trick plays that otherwise wouldn’t fly in “Madden.” We would love to see this series return, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we will see this franchise again on consoles in the near future.