86 Bullets explores the dark side on ‘The Elephant In The Room’
video provided by 86 Bullets/YouTube

Last week 86 Bullets released their second album The Elephant In The Room (purchase here). Featuring the singles "Reason To Hate" and "Where I Belong" this album explores the struggles of self-identity and self-reliance in the midst of conflict. 86 Bullets message has always been one of looking inside to discover the strength needed to overcome oppression. Friday AXS had the opportunity to talk with guitarist Chris Elliott about the new album.

“The new EP is a continuation of where we left off with our first album, Agents of Absolution,” said Chris. “Our lyrics are very important to us. They need to have meaning and reflect what we feel and what we believe in on an existential and moral basis. We are not a political band and do not have an agenda other than to call it as we see it. The world is full of beauty and also full of darkness. The Elephant in the Room leans more toward addressing the darker side.

He continued, "’Where I Belong’may be the best song from a technical point of view, and Steve did a fantastic job with the lyrics and melodies to that song. But for me, I would say ‘Under the Sun,’ as it starts off with a very melodic vocal and guitar with dark, despondent lyrics, creating an initial paradox between music and lyric. It then evolves into a straight up rocker through the verses and then a more metal section for the instrumental. I was trying to write a Megadeth riff for that part, thinking of "Rattlehead" or a similar vibe. But of course, it came out sounding like us.”

Not only does 86 Bullets have a powerful sound they bring incredible enthusiastic energy to every performance. It was this energy that earned them a spot at M3 Rock Festival in 2016 sharing the stage with the renowned rock bands Tesla, Queensryche, Night Ranger, Kix and Motley Crue’s lead singer Vince Neil’s solo band. 86 Bullets has been on fire ever since and always worth checking out live when they come to town. Visit 86Bullets.com for dates and tickets to their upcoming shows.