86 Bullets release new video for single ‘A Beautiful Lie’
Video provided by 86 Bullets/YouTube

86 Bullets is a rock band that brings a powerful sound as well as incredible enthusiasm and energy to every performance. Only three months after forming, 86 Bullets debuted at 2016 M3 Rock Festival sharing the stage with legendary hard rock bands Tesla, Queensryche, Night Ranger and Motley Crue’s very own Vince Neil. 86 Bullets' exposure on radio stations is steadily increasing and the band’s heavy sound with a pop sensibility is getting everyone to take notice. On April 30, 2017 the Baltimore-based rockers released their latest album Agents of Absolution. Today AXS brings you the brand new video for the single “A Beautiful Lie,” a track that quickly became a favorite on numerous hard rock radio outlets. AXS had the opportunity to chat with 86 Bullets guitarist Chris Elliott about the new video and the lyrics to “A Beautiful Lie” on Tuesday.

“The song's main theme is that everything we see and perceive is not necessarily reality, hence a ‘beautiful lie.’ The verses touch on dealing with one’s inner demons, ones which hold us back from success and achievement and the choruses show the macro view of the theme. The bridge states that what you see or feel can be conquered but you must first understand that much of it is just machinations or creations of our own mind,” said Chris of the inspiration behind the lyrics.

Elliott continued, “The video concept was a collaborative effort between us and the film's producer, Erik Yount. In the beginning, it is the ‘dark’ world scenes, where we are portrayed playing in a dungeon, in makeup, and playing instruments with broken strings, and so forth. The ‘light’ scenes are us breaking out of the dark world and going toward the light where we end up playing for a crowd as ourselves, and have ostensibly left our dark sides in the past, therefore creating a parallel theme to the lyrics of the song.”

86 Bullets will be releasing another EP later this month. One of the tracks off the new EP will feature former Grim Reaper bassist Chaz Grimaldi. Follow 86 Bullets on Facebook for more information. Click here for the inspirational story of how the band got their name.