A ranking of all of the stages at Coachella 2017

This year’s Coachella is the biggest yet. Another stage was added, the festival grounds were expanded and there were more passes sold than ever before. More than 100,000 people headed to Indio, Calif. for weekend one, and the same amount of people are getting ready to head to the desert for weekend two.

That being said, each stage at the festival had it’s own qualities, so we decided to give weekend two attendees a guide to the stages that you will be spending three days at. Take a look below and see which stage will be right for you at weekend two of Coachella. 

1. Coachella Stage
The Coachella Stage is the biggest one and holds the biggest names on the lineup. It has the most space, but definitely is the most crowded. If you are lucky enough to get up close to get a glimpse of Kendrick Lamar or Lady Gaga, kudos to you. But once people start piling in to see the headliners, it is every man for themselves and it is near impossible to get a good view of the artist unless you were standing far back, which is a good idea if you need to sit down to rest your legs. The biggest perk of this stage is that there are two massive screens on each side, so at least you can see what is happening.

2. Sonora Stage
The Sonora Stage is the newest addition to the festival grounds and there is a major perk: it is air conditioned. It is a perfect escape from the heat, and the lineup isn't too shabby either. Inside features different artwork, like a massive hand holding up a peace sign, there are “hardwood” floors and the sound was amazing. It is definitely a great addition to the festival and it provided a change of scenery for people who wants to get out of the sun.

3. Outdoor Stage
The Outdoor Stage is the second biggest stage, and while it’s “next to the main stage,” it still is a far walk to get back and forth. Tons of people rush between the Outdoor Stage and the Coachella Stage to ping pong back and forth between headliners, but during the day before the huge names go on, the Outdoor Stage is the place to be. If you get in early enough, you are able to get right up to the front where you could get a clear view of the magic that is happening on stage.

4. Gobi Tent
The Gobi tent is a tough place to get to when someone super popular is playing (it was impossible to get in to see Banks during weekend one), but the best part about it is that there conveniently is a beer garden placed behind the stage where you can see everything perfectly. One of the downfalls of the festival is that those who decide to drink alcoholic beverages are restricted to fenced off areas, which can be a bummer for people who like to sip their brews while listening to music. If you’re one of those people, spend some time at the Gobi Tent.

5. DoLab Stage
This stage is meant for those who go to Coachella to party. DoLab announced their lineup early and left spots for numerous special guests. Mr.Carmack headlined night one, Louis The Child made an appearance and it is the stage that goes latest each night. After leaving the headliners on the main stage, it is a treat to see that somewhere is still playing dance music, because let’s face it, we never want the night to end when we're at Coachella.

6. Mojave Tent
The Mojave Tent at the festival may be one of the most underrated. While it is still packed, there is still plenty of chances for you to at least stand in the back without being crammed and sweaty. For instance, on Friday night for Capital Cities, there was plenty of room for you to dance around and finally find your friends after you lost each other during Radiohead.  

7. Yuma Stage
The Yuma Stage holds some of the smaller acts on the lineup, and there are perks to that. Located conveniently next to the famous ferris wheel and the biggest beer tent/food area on the rounds, the Yuma Stage is the least packed. If you want to take a break from the huge crowds at the Outdoor or Coachella Stages, the Yuma Stage is the place to be.  

8. Sahara Tent
The Sahara Tent is perfect for those who don’t mind being in the middle of a packed, sweaty crowd. The Sahara tent is holding heavy electronic music and some other genres throughout the weekend (Gucci Mane played an amazing set in there Saturday night) but that being said, it comes with some downfalls. It is almost impossible to get a good spot and if you did get a nice view in the beginning of the performance, you better prepare to stay there because it is almost impossible to leave once you're in there.

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