ABCs of Ed Sheeran Part 1 of 3: A-H
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Ed Sheeran may have a penchant for using math symbols to title his albums, but his bold display of creative genius with the recent chart-topping, record-smashing success of his third studio album ÷ (Divide) proves he’s also got a wonderful way with words.

The Grammy-winning British crooner is a brilliant lyricist and emotive storyteller who grabs us straight in the heart with his smoldering ballads and his infectious dance tracks make us want to groove.

Check out Part 1 of our 3-part ABCs of Ed Sheeran series below for an alphabetical primer filled with fun facts about the “Shape of You” singer.

A is for “A-Team”

Sheeran’s dark and gritty portrayal of a crack cocaine-addicted prostitute is still a fan favorite. The 2011 breakout lead single from his critically-acclaimed debut album + earned Sheeran is first-ever Grammy nomination for Song of the Year. Its haunting melody underscores the overwhelming sadness at the center of the song.

B is for British

Ed Sheeran is undeniably, irresistibly British. Divide smashed sales records in his native country. His cute, quirky British phrases like “We were sat upon our best friend’s roof” from “How Would You Feel” shine through his entire song catalog and cause many of his fans to swoon.

C is for Cherry Seaborn

Sheeran’s former high school sweetheart and current lady love, Cherry Seaborn, is his muse for at least three tracks from Divide, including “Perfect,” in which he admits he’d like to share a home and have children with her. They already share a home and cats. Will marriage and babies be next?

D is for Divide

Divide garnered widespread critical acclaim and massive commercial success when it dropped on March 3. It set and broke sales records in the UK and Australia and earned 4X Platinum BPI certification within the first month of its release. Its eclectic track list boasts multiple music styles. Sheeran’s third studio album is led by the chart-topping single “Shape of You” and anchored by several enduring ballads. Read an AXS review of Divide here.

E is for Elton John

We can’t even imagine what it would be like to have Sir Elton John offer career and life advice. But, Ed Sheeran has benefited from both in his close relationship with the iconic British rocker. The pair of musicians are great friends and the “Your Song” singer appeared on Sheeran’s “Live at Wembley” TV concert special and told him it was great to have someone like him to pass the torch to.

F is for Framlingham

Framlingham is the small market town in Suffolk, England where Ed Sheeran grew up. He sings about the friends he made there in his UK and US No. 2 hit single “Castle on the Hill” from Divide. The population was just over 3,300 in 2011 and the castle Sheeran sings about is a real place he visited in his youth.

G is for “Give Me Love”

This soft, romantic track was the sixth and final single from Sheeran’s debut album +. The song was notably featured on several TV shows including season three, episode 14 of “The Vampire Diaries,” the wildly popular Australia series “Home and Away,” the fourth season of “Cougar Town” and the first and only season of “Reckless” on CBS. Plus, Demi Lovato did a cover of it on her fourth studio album Demi.

H is for Hoax Clothing

Ed Sheeran expanded his business portfolio when he invested in Hoax clothing company which hails from his Suffolk, England home. The “Photograph” singer has been a big fan of the skater brand’s clothes since he was a kid. And, he’s doing everything he can to support the company as its latest Hoax Ambassador. He can be seen wearing the clothing in multiple live appearances.

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