ABCs of Ed Sheeran Part 2 of 3: I-P
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Our alphabetical guide to the world’s biggest male pop star, ABCs of Ed Sheeran, continues with Part 2: I–P. Read on for some more fun facts about the British native singer.

I is for Irish Heritage

It turns out the multiple BRIT Award-winning singer-songwriter’s paternal grandparents are Irish. He wrote “Nancy Mulligan” on Divide as a tribute to them and his Irish-themed track “Galway Girl” became a huge chart-topping hit in Ireland.

J is for Johnny McDaid

Speaking of Sheeran’s love for Ireland, Irish native Snow Patrol member Johnny McDaid is a good friend and frequent collaborator of Sheeran’s. He co-wrote seven songs with Sheeran on x (Multiply) and co-produced and co-wrote multiple songs on Divide including the global chart-topping single, ”Shape of You.”

K is for “Kiss Me”

Like “Give Me Love,” “Kiss Me” from Sheeran’s debut album + has been featured in several popular TV shows. One of its saddest small-screen features is during season nine, episode 10 of “Grey’s Anatomy” when Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) tells Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) that his wife Adele has passed away. This beautiful ballad makes a bittersweet musical backdrop in this tear-inducing moment.

L is for Liberian Love

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter was moved to tears during a recent trip to Liberia for Comic Relief’s 2017 Red Nose Day campaign. He met several homeless children there, including a young boy named JD who was orphaned and dreams of being president to change his circumstances. Sheeran rescued JD and five of his friends, by paying for a place for them to stay out of his own pocket. The UK-based charity is just one of several children’s charities he supports.

M is for Multiply (x)

Sheeran’s critically-acclaimed sophomore album received a coveted Album of the Year Grammy nomination. It spawned several hit singles including “Sing,” “Photograph,” and “Thinking Out Loud.” Co-written with Amy Wadge, the latter track became a wedding song favorite and earned Sheeran his first two Grammy Award wins for Song of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Performance.

N is for “New York”

Sheeran debuted this tender ballad at his Nov. 1, 2013 show in New York’s legendary Madison Square Garden venue. The song pays romantic homage to the promise of finding new love in the Big Apple. The swooning, sold-out crowd loved it. You can catch his performance in the attached video.

O is for One Direction

Ed Sheeran co-wrote several songs for British boyband One Direction including “Little Things” and “Over Again” on the group’s second studio album Take Me Home. He’s also friends with the 1D members and even has a bro tat with Harry Styles honoring a British children’s claymation series called “Pingu.”

P is for People’s Pop Star

One of the coolest, most endearing things about Ed Sheeran is his charismatic, guy-next-store persona. He’s arguably the biggest star in pop music right now, but he doesn’t flaunt his success.

He sums up his philosophy on how to treat others in a 2012 Capital FM interview. He says, “The main thing that you have to remember on this journey is, just be nice to everyone and always smile,. Always appreciate things, because (they) could be gone tomorrow." How sweet is that?

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