Adam Ferrara's birthday: His 5 funniest moments
AXS TV/YouTube

Adam Ferrara celebrates his birthday on Feb. 2, and AXS is celebrating the birth of the funniest comedian in the business by rounding up his five funniest moments. From his stand-up performances to his years co-hosting History's "Top Gear", no one has made us laugh more and gone farther out on a limb, sometimes literally, than Adam Ferrara. Check out our five favorite Adam Ferrara moments below and get the latest updates on his live shows at AXS.

5) The "joys" of eating healthy

When Ferrara hosted AXS TV's "Gotham Comedy Live," he unraveled this giggle-worthy bit about healthy eating and how it can be unhealthy for one's sanity. In a minute and a half, he manages to compare Whole Foods to the Chupacabra, points out how difficult it is to eat food that's supposed to be good for you, and admits that his dog is on a raw diet. That's three different laughs packed into one bit, which you can watch by playing the video above. And who else would think to equate a supermarket to a vicious mythical creature that eats goats? It just goes to show you how creative Adam Ferrara is.

4) Adam and the gondola

Some of Ferrara's funniest moments came from "Top Gear," which basically enabled his sense of humor by giving him toys to play with and wild premises that encouraged him to do hilarious things. Case in point was this clip in which, during a road trip, he decided to attach his car to a gondola rather than driving up the mountain like normal people. There are so many things about this bit that are endearing, from the sheer ingenuity of it to Ferrara's unabashed glee (particularly when he declares that he's "got a guy") to co-host Rutledge Wood asking what's wrong with him. It's not the first time someone has asked that question.

3) Jamaica

Here's an older bit that's still a classic: Ferrara's spiel about flying to Jamaica. This monologue showcases how innovative he is as a comedian. The subject matter brings to mind a few obvious jokes and stereotypes, and while those expected notes get hit, Ferrara finds a way to make them feel fresh and funnier than they ever have before. Just his impression of the Air Jamaica airline pilot alone will have you giggling. He's able to do several voices, crack more than a half-dozen jokes, and still tell a great story all in the same monologue. Many comedians tackle the same topics, but no one handles them like Adam Ferrara, and the animated video that goes with this one is a treat in its own right.

2) Eliminating snow with a flamethrower

The funniest moment to come out of Ferrara hosting "Top Gear" was this scene in a winter-themed episode where, while trying to turn a school bus into a snow plow, he decided that he'd just start melting snow with a flamethrower. It is a joke of epic proportions. The audience absolutely doesn't see it coming, but once it sinks in, then there's a moment of envy and wondering why more people haven't tried it. It's funny in an over the top way, yet it's also funny because on some other level, it also makes a whole lot of sense. And again, it's Ferrara's high energy that really sells it. No one ever seems to be having more fun than he is, except in the moment that's on top of our list.

1) Getting arrested

From his stand-up special "Funny As Hell" comes our favorite moment, in which Ferrara relates what happened when he was arrested growing up, and how having to sit in jail was nothing compared to the reaction from his angry father. This bit represents everything that's great about comedy and why Adam Ferrara is the greatest comedian on stage at the moment. First of all, many people wouldn't admit to being arrested, yet alone mine it for humor. Secondly, it's completely relatable, because everyone knows what it's like to be more scared of your parents than anything else. And it's Ferrara's expressions and line delivery that make it a classic. He doesn't just deliver jokes; he makes comedy an experience, and there's no experience like watching Adam Ferrara live.

Ferrara does not currently have any live performances scheduled, but fans can monitor announcements of future stand-up shows by following him on Facebook. For more upcoming comedy shows, check out the Comedy tag at AXS.

For more on Adam Ferrara, visit his artist page at AXS.