Adam Sandler will film a new Netflix special at LA's El Rey Theatre on Tuesday
Dan Patrick Show/YouTube

Adam Sandler appears to be the next veteran comedian who Netflix has convinced to return to the bright spotlight of stand-up. The 51-year-old comedian and actor will take the stage at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on Tuesday night for a ticketed live performance that will be released on the popular streaming platform at some point later this year, presumably.

Under the banner, “An Evening With Adam Sandler,” Tuesday night’s show will feature Sandler providing fans with his trademark “adult content,” as he makes his highly anticipated return to the stage. Younger fans may not remember, but years before Sandler became a leading name in Hollywood’s raunchy entertainment division, he was a stand-up comic who eventually got recruited to write for “Saturday Night Live.” As comics like Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Judd Apatow and Jerry Seinfeld are all returning to their on-stage performance roots in front of live audiences, it’s almost surprising that it took Sandler so long to give into joining Netflix’s impressive growing catalogue of comedy specials. 

Sandler’s bankability in Hollywood has dipped somewhat in recent years. While many fans still remember him from his easily-quotable trademark characters in films throughout the 1990s like “Happy Gilmore,” “Billy Madison” and “Big Daddy,” Sandler has more recently dipped that memorably frozen foot of his from “Mr. Deeds” into the pond of more serious acting roles with projects like “Reign Over Me.” Thankfully, he’s re-teamed up with some of his comedy buddies like Kevin James for the “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” franchise and the star-studded cast for the “Grown-Ups” film series as his career rolls into the tail end of the 2010s.

Netflix is also teaming up with Sandler for the upcoming feature film, “The Week Of,” which also co-stars Chris Rock and Steve Buscemi. The film is due out on the online streaming service later this month on April 27. Until then, fans in Los Angeles will get the chance to get a few laughs in ahead of the film's release with Sandler’s upcoming performance on Tuesday night. Tickets to the one-off performance are on sale now, and can be purchased by clicking here.