Adara Rae & the Homewreckers: Tucson, Arizona band says 'Here Comes the Music'
Courtesy of Adara Rae & the Homewreckers

Don’t worry, happy couples! Adara Rae & the Homewreckers are really interested in cutting into your home life, but the only thing they actually want to shake up is your playlist. And the Tucson, Arizona-based band is fully prepared to do so with their debut album Here Comes the Music.

Rae has a soulful voice, perfectly suited for making pop gems like “Miss Me Crazy” stand out from the crowd, and make the slightly ominous, Oasis-as-filtered-through-the-Sonoran-desert a real attention-grabber. Here Comes the Music is equal parts twang and jangle and completely appealing; just ask guest players Mike Herrera and Tom Wisniewski of famed “left coast punk” band MxPx.

We had a get-to-know-them conversation with Rae by email, in which she talked to us about how she got hooked up with MxPx, the making of Here Comes the Music and her affection for the Tucson music scene. Her commentary below is given exclusively to

AXS: Referring to the songs on Here Comes the Music, you’ve been quoted as having said, “It took some convincing, but they have finally made their way into the ears of the public, where they belong.” Can you explain, “It took some convincing”?

Adara Rae: I have been writing songs since I got my first guitar at nine-years-old. Because I started writing at such a young age, I started to accumulate a pile of original songs at a very young age as well. One song on the album, “If You Loved Me,” was written when I was just 14-years-old and it still made the cut to be on the album six years later. While I’m very proud of my work now, the shy 14-year-old who once wrote some of these songs for no one but the four walls of her bedroom took some convincing to bare her soul to the public. I’m glad that I did because I still have fans reach out to me and tell me how “If You Loved Me,” a song I never thought would see the light of day, has touched them or helped them through a difficult time.

AXS: You have Mike Herrera and Tom Wisniewski guesting on Here Comes the Music. When and how did your relationship with MxPx come to be?

AR: My first experience with MxPx was actually at my very first concert ever back in 2005, but then I was just a fan in the crowd with no clue I would one day be sitting down to dinner with the Herrera’s after a long day of recording at Monkey Trench Studios in Bremerton, Washington. The first time I actually met Mike Herrera was on the set of an independent film we co-starred in called “D*I*Y” which released in 2009. I also met Tommy Rat of Rat Sound on the set of “D*I*Y” and have been working with him ever since. Because of Tommy’s longtime relationship with MxPx I have had the privilege of working with Mike Herrera and the band on multiple occasions.

AXS: Do you have any plans to make a video for any of the songs on Here Comes the Music? “Miss Me Crazy” seems like a really good candidate.

AR: A video is definitely on the horizon for us!

AXS: Most of your live dates have been in Arizona. With Here Comes the Music out, are you ready to jump on a nationwide tour? Any prospects at this point?

AR: While we are currently touring more regionally, a more widespread tour is in the works for the summer of 2016.

AXS: The cover graphics for Here Comes the Music shows you posed among a scattering of vinyl LPs. Is there any more of a meaning to what’s visible other than an indication that you like vinyl? Are any of the titles seen favorites or even hints at your influences?

AR: Absolutely. The whole concept behind the album’s title Here Comes the Music is a reference to the fact that the songs on the album vary in genre classification. There are some songs that have a country vibe, then some that are more pop, and some that are straight up rock ’n’ roll. So when people ask me what genre or “box” the album can be put into I say, “It’s just music, enjoy.” The vinyl is strategically placed with The Smiths’ The Queen Is Dead placed directly near my head as I am one of the biggest Morrissey fans you will ever meet. Every vinyl on the cover has inspired me in some way and displays the wild diversity of influences that led to the album Here Comes the Music.

AXS: Speaking of influences, how has life in Tucson and Arizona in general influenced your music?

AR: Tucson, Arizona is an incredible place for the creative at heart. I have been so grateful for all the opportunities the town has given me, and the support we have seen from the music lovers in this town is overwhelming. Plus if it weren’t for the wonderful artistic community in Tucson I would have never found the wonderful band I have now with Seth Murzyn on saxophone/guitar/viola, Casey Hadland on drums, and David Velasco on bass. I met all of these talented men within the Tucson music scene and their talents help make an Adara Rae & The Homewreckers show a must see!

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