After 5 years Rose Windows has decided to break up

Rose Windows was a psychedelic rock band from Seattle, Washington. They are best known for their debut album The Sun Dogs. Rose Windows had released two studio records, their latest was 2015's Rose Windows. After five years together as a band, the group announced on their official Facebook page that they have decided to disband.

Founded in 2010 by guitarist/composer Chris Cheveyo who created the band around fellow musicians and performers whom he lived with. After going through several different lineups, he decided on lead singer Rabia Shaheen Qazi, bassist/singer Richie Rekow, keyboardist David Davila, guitarist/vocalist Nils Petersen, flutist Veronica Dye and percussionist Pat Schowe. Rose Windows toured for a few years before they were signed by Sub Pop Records who released their debut studio album The Sun Dogs in 2013. The nine track disc features an eclectic blend of psychedelia, sixties rock and eastern music with the stand out tracks being "Native Dreams" and "Walkin' With A Woman."

Rose Windows toured extensively to promote their new album and after a couple of years released their long awaited sophomore disc, the self-titled Rose Windows in 2015. The second LP featured a more mature sound from the Seattle psychedelic rockers along with a groovy layered musical compositions. "Glory, Glory" was the first single to be released to promote the record. But the pressure of touring, health reasons and the impending implosion of the band led to Chris Cheveyo to the decision to pull the plug on the Rose Windows. What could have been the start of a great band with a bright future ended after five years and two studio albums.

Fans of the Seattle psychedelic rockers the Rose Windows who want to hear all the latest news pertaining to Chris Cheveyo and company can do so by visiting the band's official Facebook page for more information.