Al Di Meola Opus Tour stops by City National Grove this fall
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Jazz guitar legend Al Di Meola will stop at City National Grove of Anaheim on the Opus Tour this fall. The globally-renowned musician will hit the stage on Friday, Sept. 28 and will be joined by special guest Jordan Rudess.

Al Di Meola launched his prolific career as a member of Chick Corea’s groundbreaking jazz fusion band Return to Forever. He released three Billboard Top 40 albums and won a Grammy Award for Best Jazz Performance by a Group with them before moving on to forge his own successful solo career. Di Meola collaborated with John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia on his critically-acclaimed 1981 live album Friday Night in San Francisco which notably charted in the Top 10 of Billboard’s Top Jazz Albums chart, peaking at No. 6.

The New Jersey native guitarist-composer is known for his blistering speed, unparalleled technique, and complex compositions. He works in and blends a variety of genres including jazz, jazz fusion, world music (including flamenco) as well as world fusion. He’s released more than 20 albums of his own while collaborating on at least 12 more. He credits The Beatles as the reason he started playing guitar and he released a tribute album to the iconic UK band in 2013 called All My Life.

Watching Al Di Meola at a live show is like watching a Master Class in the art and intricacies of jazz and electric guitar. He’s currently touring to support his most recent album, Opus, which dropped in February this year, via earMUSIC.

“Musically, I was in a different head space, a different part of my life,” Di Meola says in a video interview with the label about the album. “I’m with a new family, a newfound happiness, I should say. I think because of that the music took on a life of its own.”

One track, “Cerreto Sannita (Feat. Kemuel Roig),” was named after the village in Italy where his grandfather was from. In a Downbeat interview, Di Meola shared that he took a trip there, during which he met scores of relatives he never knew existed. His grandfather had 16 brothers and sisters, and only he and one brother left Italy to carve out a life in the United States. He was surprised to discover lots of Di Meolas there, who all knew about his music industry success and they even made him an honorary citizen.

Another track, "Ava's Dream Sequence Lullaby," is dedicated to his baby daughter. (Watch the music video above).

Al Di Meola is currently touring to support Opus. He will perform at City National Grove of Anaheim, Calif. on Friday, Sept. 28. (Tickets).