Al-X "Fearless"

Al-X "Fearless"

photo courtesy of Al--x used with permission


Today, recording artist Al-x released her highly anticipated single, “Fearless.” The new song, available for stream on her SoundCloud here, is a dance anthem that anyone who has gone through trials and tribulations in life, only to come out stronger, can relate to.

While the bass pulses in the background, slowly rising to a crescendo, Al-x passionately sings, “You thought you’d bring me down/you think you’d steal my pride/you thought you’d steal away every thought and be justified.”

You can hear the emotion in Al-x’ voice in the song’s chorus, giving the inspirational lyrics even more meaning. This is a single that truly lives up to its name with an empowering message that listeners can get behind. The production on “Fearless” is top notch, giving it definite radio air play potential. This is a beat that will get your toes tapping, head bobbing, and sticks with you long after it’s over.

On her website, Al-x writes, “Music is something that has saved me many times. I think everyone has some songs in their lives that have made them feel understood, or empowered, or less alone in the world. I'm a rising LA-based pop artist with a growing international fan base. I've released 3 EPs and 2 singles, performed at the top independent venues in LA, signed to an indie label, written hundreds of songs, worked with members of Madonna's music team, had my music featured in independent films and on The Young and The Restless, etc. My message is about living the life you've imagined. Often that means overcoming certain internal or external battles. I've learned that our scars can be a lighthouse for someone else.”

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