Album Premiere: Stream Sam Era's new album 'Songs For the Broken Heart'
Photo by Marc Taraz Steiner/Used With Permission By Effective Immediately PR

R&B/pop singer Sam Era is unleashing her full-length debut album, Song For the Broken Heart, in a few days. But Era has teamed up with AXS for an exclusive album stream, which you can check out below. For this album, Era teamed up with producer Devon Hancock, who she met while he was an intern at the studio she was working out of in 2016. Together, they have crafted an album that delves into the highs and lows of love taken from Era’s personal experiences.

“I want people to grow with me through Songs for the Broken Heart," Era tells AXS. " As you listen to it you will hear a lot of pain, a lot of emotion, and even a lot of confusion and conflicting thoughts I faced in my past coming from the voice of that 19-year-old girl.  But I want to tell my story of those experiences, which hopefully others can relate to, and I want us to all grow from it.  I want us to learn to protect ourselves, I want us to try to not make those same mistakes again, together.  And if just one person can listen to this record, and relate to it or learn from it, or just not feel alone, then I will feel like I have accomplished what I set out to accomplish.”

The album includes the previously released singles “Nothing Was the Same,” The Worst Thing,” and “All I Need,” which Era describes as a guilty pleasure about feeling envious seeing your ex move on before you. Era hopes the album will not only help people through rough times, but she hopes it helps them become stronger and more confident once the heartache is over.

Songs For The Broken Heart comes out Jan. 18. To get a copy of the album and for information on Sam Era, visit her website. Be sure to also follow her on Facebook and SoundCloud for the latest updates.