Alesso trips to Brazil with Anitta in 'Is That For Me' music video
Alesso / YouTube

Swedish DJ Alesso premiered the music video for "Is That For Me" on Oct. 13. He travels to Brazil with the country's biggest star Anitta.

"Is That For Me" is the latest single by Alesso and Anitta. The dance track follows Alesso's recent hit "Let Me Go" with Hailee Steinfeld, Florida Georgia Line and Watt while it serves as Anitta's second English-language track after last month's "Will I See You" with Poo Bear.

Alesso and Anitta are absolutely electric together on "Is That For Me." He supplies her with a dreamy, trop-pop soundscape as she details a hot romp ready to happen. "Been thinking 'bout it all day / What we gon' do tonight?" Anitta sings. Their collaboration is a sweet, sexy and spellbinding.

In the music video for "Is That For Me," Alesso heads to the jungles of Manaus, Brazil with Anitta. He accompanies her as she dances to the track with colorful outfits and among the greenest scenery. Anitta basks in the beauty of her home country in this stunning clip.

Alesso and Anitta's "Is That For Me" is now available on iTunes and Apple Music. No word yet when to expect a new album from either artist.