Selena Gomez presented the Album of the Year award to her best friend, Taylor Swift.
Selena Gomez presented the Album of the Year award to her best friend, Taylor Swift.

It's not unusual for award shows acceptance speeches and crowd reactions to be a series of side eyes and shade throws, but the iHeart Radio Music Awards was different. Maybe it's the low key, playful vibe, or maybe it's the endless heart decor, but this particular awards show seems to bring out the positive side of everyone in attendance.

Giving props

The iHeart Radio Music Awards may only be in its third year, but the musicians seem to really take the award seriously. The night's winners used their succinct speeches to give thanks, as usual, but they also shared the love with other artists in the crowd. Calvin Harris got the most public love as he was thanked by his girlfriend Taylor Swift for being someone special to come home to as well as some returned recognition from Diplo. U2 also gave a nod to the last year's Innovator Award winner and presenter, Pharrell Williams.

Hugs all around

Hugs can simply be a polite gesture or a calculated display for the cameras, but at the iHeart Radio Music Awards, the clutches seemed like authentic and unprompted displays of affection. Beyond the expected embraces from Taylor's “cool kids table” and other friends and family, Demi Lovato got an unanticipated squeeze from Justin Bieber when he went to accept his award and Bebe Rexha was hugged by Joe Jonas after her set with G-Eazy.

Recognizing the fans

The way the iHeart Radio Music Awards allows the fans and artists to coexist didn't stop with the event coordination. Justin Bieber, who took home several awards, including one for his Fan Army, the Beliebers, gave back some of that good energy during his performance. Even though, recently he decided to no longer hold meet and greets with his fans, he made sure to reinforce that he still loves them when he pulled a lucky girl close to him during his song.

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