All the big winners from Spotify's 2017 Wrapped playlists
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Music listeners rejoice — Spotify has releases their yearly "Wrapped" feature, allowing listeners to enjoy their own personalized lists and take a look at artists that scored big this year. 

Spotify listeners can access 2017 Wrapped info through the Spotify App or webpage. This year, Spotify has provided its listeners with two customized lists based on the user's personal listening habits. The lists are "Your Top Songs 2017," which looks at the user's most streamed songs, and "The Ones That Got Away," which features songs the user didn't listen to in 2017, but would likely enjoy based on their previous listening habits.

Along with the customized playlists, Spotify also offers listeners 2017 recaps of the most streamed artists and songs. Ed Sheeran scored big this year, being named the most streamed artists of 2017. Ed Sheeran, The Chainsmokers, DJ Khaled and Martin Garrix all nabbed more than two slots on the Most Streamed Tracks of 2017 list. Rihanna and Taylor Swift were among the Top Female Artists of 2017 while Ed Sheeran and Drake took top spots on the Top Male Artists of 2017.

Check out Spotify's 2017 Wrapped lists below:

Top Tracks of 2017

Top Artists of 2017

Top Female Artists of 2017

Top Male Artists of 2017

Top Groups of 2017

Top Tracks of 2017: USA

Top Latin Artists of 2017

Top Latin Tracks of 2017

Top Female Artists of 2017: USA

Top Male Artists of 2017: USA

Top Artists of 2017: USA

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