Alpine Universe shares newest single 'A Billion Souls'
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Alpine Universe is known for bringing live instrumentation into electronic dance music. With the release of "A Billion Souls", the composer takes this concept a step further by featuring more than 30 talented young singers from the Musyca Children's Choir, creating a grand scale vocal ensemble. "A Billion Souls" is a unique take on the concept of unity as mentioned by Alpine Universe.

When asked about the meaning behind the song, he states that with "'A Billion Souls,' I want to convey the concept of Unity: the fact that humanity can achieve great things when people come together. I chose to have a group of children sing the song to bring an extra dimension of purity and universality to the sound. It is aimed at our generation and the ones to come as we must face some great challenges (such as protecting our environment) which can only be overcome by unifying our ideas and our forces as one human race. In a way, "A Billion Souls"  is an attempt to compose a national (...planetary?) anthem for Earth and Humans at this crucial time in history."

Although professionally known as Alpine Universe, the musical creative behind the name is French composer and multi-instrumentalist Andy Favre. Andy is best known for winning the Insomniac Discovery Project, and has performed at numerous music festivals, including DadaLand, The Voyage, and Nocturnal Wonderland, among others. He has shared the stage with Alesso, Pretty Lights, Axwell, Benny Benassi, and numerous other established artists. His music has also been featured in major commercials and movies, and he receives millions of streams via Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

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