Alt-rockers Belly release new song 'Shiny One' from first LP in over two decades
Belly the Band

Alt-rock band Belly is counting down to debut a new full album in 2018. Tanya Donelly on vocals, Tom Gorman on guitar, Chris Gorman on drums, and Gail Greenwood on bass have reunited after 23 years for a special album release for their fans to experience.

The title of the album is Dove. The release date is scheduled for May 4. The initial track that they are promoting to fans is “Shiny One” with Tanya Donelly bringing her power vocals full center on the track. The song is guitar driven blending rhythm guitar with percussion creating a solid rock groove with a daydream feel to the instrumental harmony on the song. Donelly takes fans into a moment reflecting on angels and the power of choice.

According to Rolling Stone, Donelly talked about the band’s musical synergy on “Shiny One” and the making of the project. The single set the stage for their new musical sound in 2018 as a group collaboration in several creative writing sessions. The feel of their new sound holds true to their original sound taken into a modern phase of expression for them as musicians.