Alternative, hip-hop group, Deep Fayed, premiere album stream
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The brain-child of musician, George Wundsam is Deep Fayed, who uses his love of music to emote a wide range of influences to help shape the kind of music he makes and releases. He uses innovative songwriting and production to give him a sound that is most definitely unique.

This is Deep Fayed's second release, following his 2013 self-titled EP, and his new LP, Full Spectrum Of, focuses on themes of love and coping with depression. The songwriting features Wundsam's apt attention of the delicacy of songwriting, featuring lush production. Helping him along on this project are Chicago rapper D2G taking the mic, alongside Catherine Poulos on vocals. Other contributions are rappers R.O.E. and Neak, and featured musicians are Matt Wilson on bass, Chrested Hyde on drums, Cole DeGenova and Kyle Liss on keys, and Dane Crozier on percussion. 

Deep Fayed's new release with Full Spectrum Of debuted on all digital retailers today, and is streaming exclusively in the media player included in this article.

With his second album and the writing that came with it, Fayed tells AXS that, "making this album was about putting as much of myself into the music as I could and then producing songs no one has heard before. The title Full Spectrum Of refers to a vast range of emotions that a person feels through life. It’s personal to me and the band as well. While not completely intentional, themes of love and loneliness stand out through the album and it was a very exciting collaborative process when writing lyrics and developing the songs. Songs like 'Places We Don’t Go' and 'Her(Somebody)' deal with our past influencing our present, and I think that was the most important idea on the album. We are only a portion of who we once were. It’s the places we go, the love we have and the challenges we meet that make us who we are in the present. Sometimes we want to take action and sometimes we just fade away." 

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