Amanda Palmer releases new version of 2008's 'Strength Through Music' in response to Parkland shooting
Amanda Palmer/YouTube

10 years after its initial release, singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer has taken "Strength Through Music" from her first solo album and made some slight changes in response to the recent school shooting at Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Originally released in 2008, Palmer wrote "Strength Through Music" as a reaction to the shooting at Columbine High School. The simple but powerful video featured Palmer walking through the halls of her own high school, but Palmer was never quite satisfied with it, particularly due to a sound sample from a cartoon at the very beginning.

"[I] love the original video deeply, and [I] do love the song, but it's always bothered me," she said in a Patreon post for the new version.

On tour, Palmer explained, the song was played with a group of actors and a violinist and began with the story of the now-infamous Columbine shooting,  with the names of the victims and the details about their deaths being read as the song continued.

"[I] found myself wishing [I] could go back and fix the video to be that powerful," Palmer said.

Now, thanks to the backing of fans on Patreon, she has. In a new version of the song, Palmer softly reads the names of the victims of shootings at Columbine, Sandy Hook and Marjory Stoneman Douglas throughout the song.

"it isn't just these kids," she wrote. "it's kids every day, everywhere. dying. because of guns. guns everywhere. so. we are putting this video, with a new introduction, back into the world. because it's time. because enough. enough with this. and never again."

"Strength Through Music" is on sale on Palmer's Bandcamp page for $1. All profits from the release will benefit March for Our Lives, a march organized in response to the Florida shooting.

A few of Palmer's recent releases have tackled political topics, such as the image of a dead toddler on a beach in "In Harm's Way" and Donald Trump in a cover of Pink Floyd's "Mother."

Palmer also has a small number of tour dates scheduled later this spring. Tickets for select shows are on sale now right here on AXS.