'America's Got Talent' live results week 2: Did America get it wrong with The Masqueraders?
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Another nail-biting “America’s Got Talent” elimination round aired last night on NBC. The 12 acts who performed in Tuesday’s live show anxiously awaited their fate. After 11 AGT seasons we know sometimes America is spot on with the vote and sometimes they get it wrong. At the end of the intense hour, two acts faced the judges for survival: Magician Eric Jones and R & B throwback trio The Masqueraders. The question is: Did America send the wrong act home?

Another Shocking Bottom Three

Last week it was ridiculous that Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer act Christian Guardino was fighting for the Dunkin’ Save. We’re not sure what America was thinking. But, thankfully, Christian earned the save. This week, 13-year-old vocalist Evie Clair faced the chopping block and that seems crazy too. She delivered such a sweet, raw performance of “Wings” and also played piano. Likewise, R & B trio The Masqueraders faced elimination, along with magician Eric Jones. Talk about being nerve-wracking waiting to see how this was going to play out!

Technical Difficulties Did Not Hurt Light Balance

It was such a bizarre show last night, with Light Balance and Demian Aditya experiencing technical difficulties. Simon appropriately dubbed Tuesday night’s show as one of the “nuttiest” nights in his career on live television. We totally agree! Light Balance was forced to show the tape of their dress rehearsal. Which, by the way, was spectacular! We can’t really say the same for escape artist Demian Aditya’s mishap. It totally detracted from the “wow” factor surrounding his escape.

Light Balance and Brobots and Mandroidz were the first acts called forward. Light Balance went through and the dance crew was cut. We feel bad for all those talented boys. But, Light Balance definitely deserved their semifinals spot.

Goodbye Little Doggies

Call us silly or sentimental but we wish Mandy Harvey wasn’t called up with the Pompeyo Family. Mandy Harvey is deservedly moving on and the Pompeyo family and their sweet pack of pooches is going home. Darn! Their act was so “feel-good” and fun! Here’s hoping they get their own family-friendly show somewhere after AGT. But, we’re totally thrilled for Mandy Harvey! She has the potential to touch so many hearts with her gift. We’re really glad she’s advancing to the next round.

Johnny Manuel Sails on Through

Johnny Manuel made it through and we couldn’t be more thrilled! He has amazing vocal range and power and such a powerful stage presence. We’re also happy for him because this AGT opportunity is a sweet second chance. He was dropped by his record label at a very young age and more than 10 years later, he’s still fighting for his dream. He could even possibly win the whole show. We're so glad America recognizes how great he is. It didn’t really surprise us Demian Aditya went home. Yesterday’s “glitch” put a damper on his entire act.

And Then There Were Three

Mirror Image, Celine Tam and Merrick Hanna were called next. We love Mirror Image’s charisma and determination. But, they just don’t have their act “polished” yet. Celine and Merrick both advanced. This is mostly the right call. Merrick Hanna is multi-talented. Celine was a little “off” in her Tuesday performance. However, she can arguably sing circles around the twin bros who still failed to impress Simon this week.

Evie Nabs the Dunkin’ Save

Evie Clair got the Dunkin’ Save! Woot woot! She deserved it after stepping up her act by playing piano and singing too. Our hearts go out to Evie and her entire family, especially her dad, who is battling stage IV cancer and couldn’t make the live show this week because he was too sick. This girl deserves a record deal, regardless of where she places on the show. Let's hope someone realizes that. 

Final Vote is Deadlocked

This left the judges to save either Eric Jones or The Masqueraders. Simon and Heidi voted for The Masqueraders and Mel B and Howie voted for Eric Jones. America’s vote had to break the tie, which sent the Masqueraders home. Did they get it right with The Masqueraders? We have a soft spot for the comeback trio who is still fighting for their dreams. C’mon talent scouts, pick these talented fine gentlemen up! They’ve endured so many setbacks and they’re still trying. Someone definitely needs to give them a record deal!

Eric Jones is a good magician. But, Simon is right. He needs to work on his showmanship. Twelve more acts will fight to survive next week. Here’s hoping the show goes a little more smoothly!

“America’s Got Talent” airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on NBC.