'America's Got Talent' season 12, episode 4 recap: Electrifying dancers and a teen singer rule the night
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Another insanely talented group of contenders hit the “America’s Got Talent” stage for the fourth round of auditions that aired last night on NBC. Once again, the hopefuls delivered outstanding performances that produced a multitude of emotions from the crowd. A dazzling dance troupe, a mind-bending magician and an emotional 13-year-old singer left indelible impressions and arguably stole the night.

Lighting It Up For Golden Buzzer Glory

The level of talent hitting the AGT stage this season is crazy. This is the biggest talent competition in the world and most of the contenders clearly understand that, because they go beyond to bring the judges, audience, and viewers things we’ve never seen before. Light Balance dance troupe is one of those acts. The way they injected light and motion into the choreography was amazing. The lights on the troupe’s costumes exploded out of the darkness at perfect intervals, in time with the music. Tyra Banks smashed the Golden Buzzer and we’re thrilled they are going straight through to the Live Shows!

Oddballs Are Really Odd

AGT also attracts a large share of oddball acts, looking to “break out” because this is the only platform that will give them a go. We can’t blame anyone for trying, right? But, some people clearly are not meant to be on the stage and we saw several of acts that may have pushed the limit on being “unique.” Case-in-point were “Men with Pans.” They greeted the judges, then ran off stage and returned nude with kitchen pans to cover certain anatomical areas. Calling them crude and bizarre doesn’t even begin to cover it (no pun intended)!

High-Flying Clown Changes Simon’s Mind

Who else is really proud of self-professed clown-fearing judge Simon Cowell for making strides at overcoming his aversion? He warmed up to singing clown Puddles Pity Party in the season 12 premiere. This week, a daredevil clown who climbed 37 feet into the air and made us laugh while swaying and dangling from a box at the top of a pole persuaded Simon to change his initial “no” to a “yes” to put him through to the next round. How did he do that? By promising to get shot out of a cannon over a helicopter next time, of course! We can’t wait to see that (while peeking through spread fingers over our covered eyes!)

Tech Wizard Brings the Wow Factor

AGT has produced some of the best aspiring magicians we’ve ever seen on TV. But, Tom London took shock and awe to a whole new level by incorporating technology in his act. He pulled random audience members (selected by Simon) up on stage to venture guesses about the judges using numbers. Then he had Tyra Banks do a series of calculations on her phone calculator. He wrote the final number on a pad and then showed the same number on a pre-recorded video outside of the venue. The most mind-blowing part: The sequence of numbers all related to something personal about the judges. It was incredible! We can’t wait to see what other tricks are hiding up his sleeves!

Evie Clair Brings Us to Tears

As we noted last week, keeping a Kleenex box nearby to watch AGT this season is a good idea! The number of emotional, inspirational stories is remarkable. This week, 13-year-old singer Evie Clair dedicated her performance of Christina Perri’s “Arms” to her dad, who was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. She cried while telling her story to the judges and Simon was visibly moved and so sweet to her. He allowed her to collect herself before starting to sing and it was beautiful. There probably wasn’t a dry eye in the audience by the end of her song and we commend her for her courage, love, and light. She’s going through to the next round and we couldn’t be happier for her or her dad. Sniff, sniff!

“America’s Got Talent” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on NBC.