'America's Got Talent' season 12, episode 6 recap: Auditions close with more emotional moments
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“America’s Got Talent” wrapped season 12 auditions last night on NBC with another talented band of hopefuls who are vying for the million-dollar grand prize. Three more singers delivered standout, emotional moments including a talented teen who grabbed our hearts and Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer, a humble subway singer and a moving tribute to a young doctor who delivered a dazzling audition then was tragically killed in a car accident.

Boy Band Bliss or Bomb?

The show opened on an upbeat note with Miami native group 5 Alive, who were determined to bring a world-class boy band back to the current musical landscape. Their nostalgic ‘90s montage was fun and filled with energy. They sang “Poison” and “Pony” and Mel B was over the moon. However, Simon Cowell found them old-fashioned instead of fresh. We’re on the fence. These guys are definitely entertaining. But, their act may be a little outdated. They earned three yeses and moved to the next round.

Diverse Dance Acts

Two dance acts put entirely different spins on the art. First, Argentinian dancers, the German Corenjo Dance Company delivered a master class in synchronization. Their eye-catching routine featured a fusion of a ballet, jazz-infused tango. Their intricate moves were synchronized with painstaking precision. The judges loved them and so did we. We’re excited to see what they do in the next round.

By comparison, a quirky quartet called the Quiddlers came out dressed like the Village People. They strutted behind a structure and emerged noticeably shorter. They danced and performed a series of choreographed “tricks.” They deserve big props for originality, even though Simon found them weird. They happily earned the right to move on.

Dazzling Duos

Two talented duos also snagged well-deserved applause and attention. First, a Ukrainian father and son contortionist act, Danylo and Oskar delivered a jaw-dropping routine. Eight-year-old Oskar did multiple mind-bending handstands, even in the palms of his dad’s hands which were raised above his head. They were amazing and earned a four-judge pass-through to the next round.

A set of identical twins who called themselves Mirror Image first sang “Who’s Lovin’ You” which was good, but, paled in comparison to 17-year-old vocal wunderkind Christian Guardino’s Golden Buzzer grabbing cover. Still, the brothers brought a feel-good vibe, especially when they really got into “Pump It” by The Black Eyed Peas. Howie Mandel described them as “campy” but passed them through. Heidi said she wanted to adopt them. Simon, however, just didn’t get it and held off giving them a fourth “yes.”

A Pair of Singers Bring Emotional Moments

Thirteen-year-old Angelina Green shared how music helped her cope through a very difficult time when her parents got divorced. She dedicated a heartfelt, raw rendition of The Pretenders’ powerful ballad “I’ll Stand By You” to her mom, who went beyond to support her. It was beautiful. Heidi Klum was so moved that she finally smashed the Golden Buzzer she’s been holding onto all season. It was time to grab Kleenex when Angelina and her mom hugged each other and cried. Sniff, sniff.

We didn’t realize we’d plow through most of the box with two more stunning performances. Mike Yung served up a lesson in perseverance when he explained how he’d been a subway singer for the past 37 years. He surprised us all with a lovely version of the Righteous Brothers’ timeless classic, “Unchained Melody.” He, in turn, was stunned by the wild, enthusiastic response from the audience. He captivated Simon and Howie. But, Mel B was shockingly on the fence. (Who was she listening to?)

She eventually gave him the “yes” he needed to advance to the next round and the audience cheered with glee. Simon was arguably correct when he said the raw, unpolished part of his performance was the thing he liked most. We agree. Mike’s tear-inducing raw passion shined right through and he was brilliant.

A Poignant Tribute

AGT closed the night with a poignant presentation of 29-year-old contender and doctor Brandon Rogers, who tragically died in a car accident after his audition. His rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon in the Sky” was breathtaking. He earned a four-judge standing ovation. Simon dubbed his vocal “stunning.” Credits revealed his audition aired upon request of his family to honor his memory. Our hearts go out to them for their loss.

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