'America's Got Talent' season 13, episode 5 recap: A jump roper, 2 singers and a violinist stun crowd
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The season 13 audition rounds of “America’s Got Talent” are quickly winding to a close. Last night another group of contenders hit the stage, hoping to get one step closer to a $1 million dream come true. A jaw-dropping jump rope artist, two spectacular singers and an uber-talented violinist were among the acts that stunned the audience and judges and earned a pass through to the next round.

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

When Hungarian jump rope artist Vivien Vajda strode onto the stage wielding her jump rope, the judges were visibly skeptical as to what she would do – especially an eye-rolling Simon Cowell. Then the music started, and she began doing twists, flips and even the splits, all the while never tripping over her rope. Everyone was thrilled with her routine and Simon praised her effort, noting that it's acts like hers that makes “America’s Got Talent” so great in terms of variety, over a straight singing competition. Color us happy when a tearful Vivien received a unanimous vote to the next round.

A Dateless Singer and a Diva-in-the-Making Impress

Heidi Klum asked Columbia, Tennessee native singer-songwriter Joseph O’Brien if he has a girlfriend and confessed he’s never been on a date, much less kissed a girl. The audience sighed in support and then he played a sweet rendition of Lionel Richie’s smash hit “Hello.” Joseph has a great voice, but his nerves showed during his performance. The audience and judges loved him, though – with Mel B telling him she thinks he has lots of “potential.” Simon also noted he thinks his love life struggles are bound to change after that performance. Hopeless romantics everywhere are undoubtedly rooting for him as he moves on to the next round.

Thirty-nine-year-old mom Glennis Grace earned a resounding audience-wide and four-judge standing ovation after delivering a nearly flawless rendition of Whitney Houston’s indelible balled “Run to You.” It was breathtaking. Grace looked and sounded like a star, although Mel B and Heidi encouraged her to find (and show) her own unique artistry, beyond sounding so much like Whitney. We can’t wait to hear what she does next.

Howie Lays Down His Life and A Violinist Smashes His Audition

It’s always fun to see the judges get in on the act. This week, daredevil cyclist Kenny Thomas asked Howie Mandel to put on a helmet and lay down on the stage commanding, “Don’t move!” He proceeded to ride through Howie’s outstretched limbs and he even did a mid-air flip off a ramp, without harming Howie! Whew! We don’t blame Howie for looking terrified the whole time. Of course, Kenny is zooming on to the next round.

It’s probable no one saw the explosive performance violinist Brian King Joseph would deliver. Unfortunately, he’s battling a disease that will eventually cause him to lose all feeling in his hands, feet, and the rest of his body. Playing the violin on AGT was his chance to live out a dream while he still can. He was amazing, at times playing so fast and hard that bow strings broke. He also earned a studio-wide standing ovation and a well-deserved pass to the next round. (Watch Brian's audition above).

 Final Singer Delivers an Emotional Close

Transgender singer Brody Ray closed out the night with a brilliant rendition of “The Voice” season 10 champ Jordan Smith’s anthemic song “Stand in the Light.” Before singing, he shared how music had saved his life during his trans experience. Brody’s heart and soul bubbled in his incredible performance, which nearly drew tears from Mel B and prompted nods of approval from Simon. We almost thought he would get the last Golden Buzzer of the season. Despite not getting that, he received a thundering standing ovation and an easy advance to the next round. (Watch Brody's audition below).

“America’s Got Talent” airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on NBC.