'America's Got Talent' season 13, live results 2 recap: 2 shocking saves and a furry farewell
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“America’s Got Talent” aired the second live quarterfinals results show last night (Aug. 22) on NBC. Talk about intense! Only seven of the 12 acts who performed in this week’s quarterfinals round could make it through to the semifinals. Host Tyra Banks started the show with a big surprise when Golden Buzzer winner Makayla Phillips was named as one of the three acts vying for the Dunkin’ Save. Da Republik dance crew and Front Pictures were also at risk. Overall, the results brought two shocking saves and a furry farewell.

A What Just Happened Opener

Voters were tasked with some tough decisions this week because most of the 12 acts were fantastic. The acts that fell in sixth, seventh, and eighth places were all in jeopardy, with one of them earning the Dunkin’ Instant Save and one being granted mercy from the judges. All three of these acts, Da Republik, Front Pictures and Makayla Phillips are exceptionally talented. The fact that one of them had to leave is unfortunate and finding out who would be cut by the end of the hour is always a nail-biter.

One Golden Buzzer Dream Ends

The first three acts called up to learn their fate were soulful singer Noah Guthrie, Japanese body effects duo Yumbo Dump and Golden Buzzer winning dance duo Quin & Misha. Noah Guthrie won a place in the semifinals while Yumbo Dump and Quin & Misha’s journey came to an end. It was a relief to say goodbye to Yumbo Dump. But, Quin & Misha will be missed. Quin’s age-defying strength and beauty in dancing is amazing and inspiring. As for Noah, he deserved a pass-through. But, he faces tough competition, given the talented pack of singers this season.

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Choir vs. Cats – A Furry Farewell

It’s wonderful to see Golden Buzzer winners Voices of Hope Children’s Choir move on to the semifinals. These kids have arguably brought the most joy to the stage that “America’s Got Talent” has ever seen. After they performed this week, Simon Cowell, who waved his arms high in the air as they sang, said he hopes they will stay in the show till the end. We totally agree. Everyone needs the huge dose of boundless childlike joy and hope this choir brings. Good for you, kids! Bravo!

Sadly, we must bid a furry farewell to the adorable and astonishing Savitsky Cats. This was arguably one of the most original animal acts in AGT history. Here’s hoping the clever kitties will get picked up by a talent agent and they do a touring show. It would be such fun and feel-good family entertainment!

Simon Needs to Keep His Day Job

The intense results were held at bay by a funny skit in which Simon set Tyra up on a series of bad blind dates. The music mogul was hiding with a microphone feeding crazy things for the guys to say to Tyra and everything was just so corny. Simon is undeniably a brilliant record producer with an eye and ear for talent. But, he isn’t a natural comedian or a savvy matchmaker. We’re pretty sure Tyra won’t have too much trouble scoring her own dates without Simon’s help.

Another What Just Happened Moment

Comedian Samuel Comroe and singer Glennis Grace were called up together and Grace was totally confused when Tyra announced “both of you” were going through to the semifinals. She gave Samuel a congratulatory hug and then blurted a bleeped out expletive when she found out she was safe too. Howie Mandel was thrilled for Samuel and advised both acts to choose their material carefully heading into the next round.

Trapeze Artists vs. Creepy Magician

To Scary Spice’s delight tantalizing trapeze artists Duo Transcends was saved and terrifying magician Sacred Riana was cut from the competition. Riana’s brand of magic was frightening and fascinating. But, it was also arguably polarizing. Some people don’t like horror movies and she definitely seems like she stepped straight out of one (like the creepy girl in “The Ring”) and onto the AGT stage. Duo Transcends deserved their victory. What they do is dangerous and dazzling and is perfect for a Las Vegas venue. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

Two Final Saves

At the end of the hour, Tyra announced it was the tightest Dunkin’ Save results in series history with two of the acts separated by .10 percent. Ultimately, Makayla Phillips earned a well-deserved place in the semifinals, which left Da Republik and Front Pictures relying on the judges for a save. Heidi and Mel B voted for Da Republik. Howie voted for Front Pictures for “ingenuity” and this left Simon to the final decision which he hastily gave as the credits rolled to Da Republik.

Next week, 12 more returning acts will perform for a chance to advance including Us the Duo, Brian King Joseph and Michael Ketterer. The stakes are high and the bar is raised this season. It's still anybody’s title to grab!

“America’s Got Talent” airs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on NBC.