'America's Got Talent': Season 13 winner is crowned in nail-biting finale
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Weeks of intense competition came to a nail-biting close as “America’s Got Talent” crowned a new winner in the exciting season 13 finale which aired Sept. 19 on NBC. Kiss performed an electrifying opening number and lots of special guests turned up to perform with the Top 10 AGT finalists. Plus, Tyra Banks was on hand to deliver the results along with AGT judges Simon Cowell, Mel B, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum.

The level of talent was so high this season, it seemed like America was charged with a nearly impossible task in trying to choose one winner, especially after the acts all delivered such incredible final performances. At the end of the two-hour entertainment extravaganza, a new “America’s Got Talent” winner walked away with the $1 million grand prize and a headlining Las Vegas show.

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Talented Top 10

The judges stressed throughout the competition and again in the live finale that the final 10 AGT season 13 contenders were so talented it was going to be tough to pick a winner. Tyra announced it was one of the closest final votes in series history and Simon even said it was the best final he’s ever been a part of. 

The four singers, Michael Ketterer, Glennis Grace, Courtney Hadwin and Daniel Emmet were all wildly different in style. Two very different comedians, Samuel J. Comroe and Vicki Barbolak were each hoping to make history and be the first comedian to win “America’s Got Talent.” Brian King Joseph played his violin with unparalleled passion and power. The two acrobatic acts Zurcaroh and Duo Transcend, were mesmerizing to watch and Shin Lim was one of the best magicians that's hit the AGT stage.

Special Performances

Kiss opened the show with a sensational performance of “Detroit Rock City” and lots of special guests turned out to perform with some of the finalists. Glennis Grace did a duet with Bebe Rexha, operatic singer Daniel Emmet performed with Placido Domingo, Courtney Hadwin rocked out with The Struts, Lindsey Stirling played violin with Brian King Joseph, David Spade did a funny Hollywood-themed standup set with Vicki Barbolak and more.

The most striking thing about each of these finalist-celebrity match-ups was how the AGT contenders all performed like seasoned pros alongside the guest stars, which made us wish there could be more than one winner. Placido Domingo praised Daniel Emmet’s vocals and called him the next generation of opera singers and young Courtney Hadwin looked like she’d been playing shows with The Struts for years. We can’t imagine what the finalists felt like performing, given the gravity of the night and the fact that only one of them would soon win the $1 million prize.

Samuel and Howie tried to teach Mel B how to do standup in a funny pre-recorded segment and then she gave it a cheesy, lovely try in the live finale while wearing a unicorn costume and reading jokes from a book Howie gave her. She saved her best joke for last as she asked, “What do you call me at Halloween?” then answered with a grin, “Pumpkin Spice!”

And The Winner Is …

Tyra’s really learned how to amp up the drama in her voice to deliver the live results. Duo Transcend, Vicki Barbolak, Courtney Hadwin, Glennis Grace and Daniel Emmet were all eliminated to leave Michael Ketterer in fifth place, Samuel Comroe in fourth, Brian King Joseph in third, Zurcaroh in second and Shin Lim as the 2018 season 13 “America’s Got Talent” winner. He sank to his knees in shock when his name was called and then some Zurcaroh members hefted him on their shoulders to celebrate.

Shin Lim’s win is well-deserved as his magic act is mind-blowing. Lim is the second magician to win the show, behind season nine champion Mat Franco.

Another spectacular season wrapped and the hunt for the next winner begins as “America’s Got Talent” rolls into cities across the country for the next round of auditions.

“America’s Got Talent” will return next season on NBC.