'America's Got Talent' semifinals part 1 live results: Which acts made it through to the finals?
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“America’s Got Talent” aired the live elimination round for part one of the season 13 semifinals last night (Sept. 5) on NBC. After watching such sensational performances this week, it was hard to tell which six of the eleven acts would get cut and which five acts would make it through to the finals. So, how did America vote?

Dunkin’ Three Shocker

So many acts raised the bar this week, it was destined to be a brutal elimination round. It was particularly shocking to see Duo Transcend, Samuel J. Comroe and Voices of Hope Choir all fighting for the Dunkin’ Save. They were all magnificent this week! These acts, though, were ranked in fourth, fifth and sixth places overall. As per the AGT system, they were all in danger of leaving the competition.

Close-Up Magic’s Comin’ Back

Close-up magician Shin Lim and married singing sensations Us The Duo were the first two acts called up for results. We’re thrilled Shin Lim earned the first spot in the finals. However, we hate to see Us The Duo’s journey end. They are multi-talented musicians and dynamic singer-songwriters who have entertained audiences on stages all over the world. And, their lives are about to change even more with the impending birth of their first child –a baby girl. We wish them all the best with their bundle of joy and hope their music dreams don’t stop here!

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Howie Mandel has repeatedly dubbed Shin Lim as one of the best close-up magicians he’s ever seen and we have to agree. We are still wonderstruck by the way he made those signed cards from Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum disappear and reappear in several different places – from his back pocket to his mouth. Simply amazing!

A Dad’s Dream Lives On

Three Golden Buzzer acts were called forward and only one would make it through: Makayla Phillips, Michael Ketterer and Amanda Mena. Michael’s name was called and his Golden Buzzer granter Simon Cowell was thrilled, noting he still hasn’t heard from Garth Brooks on his request for him to write Michael a song to sing at the finals. The beaming father and husband said “That would be a dream.” Are you listening, Garth?

Amanda and Makayla delivered brilliant semifinals performances. The competition was just so strong this season. They both have amazing vocal gifts and we hope they use their AGT journeys as a fantastic learning experience as they push forward with their music goals and dreams.

Howie’s Comic Relief

There were a couple of tension-breaking segments in which Tyra and the AGT judges tried to decipher past contender and other AGT names (like Simon Cowell) from a string of emojis and another in which Howie pranked potential contestants by pretending to be a quirky contestant himself. He tried to freak the hopefuls out by saying he was sick and contagious and hugging one man and locking a girl’s bag to a chair and leaving. He was hilarious – in his signature Howie sort of way – and it was nice to have some comic relief during such intense results. (You can watch some of his tricks in the video above).

Zurcaroh Seals a Finals Spot

The last two acts called forward to learn their fate were Junior New System and Zurcaroh. The high-heel-wearing dance troupe did their best routine to date this week. But, Zurcaroh totally owned the night with their Egyptian-themed closing number. Ultimately, Tyra’s Golden Buzzer theatrical act went through and Junior New System’s journey ended.

Dunkin’ Save Nail-Biter

Samuel J. Comroe will be doing his stand-up routine in the finals as the winner of the night’s Dunkin’ Save vote. This left Voices of Hope Choir battling Duo Transcend. The vote reached a deadlock with Simon and Heidi for Voices of Hope and Howie and Mel B for Duo Transcend. Based on America’s vote, Duo Transcend snagged the last spot in the finals. Voices of Hope’s bright smiles and sweet spirits will be dearly missed. One thing is certain, the joy these kids project is infectious and we hope a talent scout somewhere books them on a nationwide “hope” and “happy” tour as soon as possible.

Part two of “America’s Got Talent” season 13 semifinals air next Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on NBC. And, chart-topping K-pop boyband BTS will perform their new single “Idol” during the AGT live results show on Sept. 12, also at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Stay tuned to AXS for "America's Got Talent' updates.