'America's Got Talent' semifinals part 2 live results: Which acts made it through to the finals?
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“America’s Got Talent” aired the second half of the semifinals on Sept. 12 on NBC. The tension was high among the contenders and K-pop superstars BTS stoked the fire in the live crowd with a red-hot performance of the lead single from their new album Love Yourself: Answer, called “Idol” to launch the show.

At the end of the hour, a talented underdog proved a third chance is a charm and the resident King of the Violin will most likely be breaking some more bow strings in his final bid for the AGT season 13 crown. Which acts were cut and which acts will perform one last time in next week’s finals?

BTS Was Lit

As previously reported, South Korean boyband BTS was the special guest stars this week and they lit the stage on fire with their smooth dance moves and their pop idol swagger. They performed their new single “Idol” and the crowd went crazy. It was an excellent ice-breaker for the tension that followed as this season's AGT contenders anxiously awaited their fate.

Doin’ Dunkin’ Save Double Time

As usual, AGT host Tyra  Banks kicked off the results by revealing the dreaded Dunkin’ Save acts who were in danger of leaving the show. Sibling band We Three, soulful singer Glennis Grace and pop-era singer Daniel Emmet finished in fourth, fifth and sixth place. One of them would be saved by the public via the Dunkin’ Save vote and the judges would make their final “save” heading into next week’s finals.

Poor Daniel, he returned to AGT as a Wild Card act, only to fall into the Dunkin’ Save lot, where he earned his first public save. This week, he was vying for the Dunkin’ Save for the second time. Would a bid for a third save be a charm or a curse?

Both Daniel and Glennis did astounding jobs this week in their semifinals performances. With only one winner, though, several acts must fall into the middle of the pack. Still, it was surprising to see Daniel and Glennis there, fighting for survival.

Comic Catches First Finals Spot

“Trailer Nasty” comic Vicki Barbolak was called up along with danger artist Aaron Crow and dance troupe Da Republik. It was no surprise when Vicki was called through to advance. She’s been an early favorite and Simon Cowell even admitted he was crushing on her and he’d like to take her out to dinner. Vicki gives last week’s finalist/Tourette’s comedian Samuel J Comroe direct competition. If either one wins the title, they will make history as the first comedian to win “America’s Got Talent.”

A comedy bit followed in which Heidi pretended to be a Heidi Klum "look-a-like" beside genuine Mel B, Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel look-a-likes. It was funny so many people fell for the fact that she was an “impersonator” and she did a great job getting into “her part.”

A Trio of Singers

It was disappointing to see Courtney Hadwin, Christina Wells and Noah Guthrie get called up together because it meant only one of these fantastic singers would make it through. As it turned out, “Born to Be Wild” child Courtney Hadwin made it through to the finals, with her Golden Buzzer champion Howie Mandel ecstatically declaring he thinks she will win again.

It’s a shame to see Christina Wells go. She brought so much positive energy to the show and she's a true vocal diva. Here’s hoping someone finally realizes her potential and gives her the break she’s been longing for.

The King Continues His Reign

Brian King Joseph was called up with Angel City Chorale. Brian blew the roof off the house with his bow-string-breaking performance this week. It’s mind-blowing how hard, fast, and beautifully he plays the violin, given his physical limitations with neuropathy. He truly deserves his spot in the finals and he will undoubtedly help inject more excitement into the season’s final show. However, we will greatly miss Angel City Chorale’s uplifting light and performances. It would be fantastic to see them on a nationwide tour. Let’s hope AGT gave them the exposure they needed.

Dunkin’ Save Results

It turns out Glennis Grace won the Dunkin’ Save, which isn’t that surprising, given her overall stellar AGT track record. That left Daniel and We Three facing the judges and Simon, Howie and Heidi all voted for Daniel, while Mel B voted for We Three. The sibling trio was cut and Daniel received his third shot at stardom.

Next week, Daniel Emmet, Courtney Hadwin, Brian King Joseph, Glennis Grace and Vicki Barbolak will join Michael Ketterer, Duo Transcend, Zurcaroh, Shin Lim and Samuel J Comroe in the final fight for the “America’s Got Talent” season 13 title and $1 million grand prizes. It just might be the most intense two-night finals in AGT history. Be sure to tune into “America’s Got Talent" on Tuesday, Sept. 18 and Wednesday, Sept. 19 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on NBC to catch the final performances and find out who wins. Stay tuned to AXS for “America’s Got Talent” news and updates.