'America's Got Talent' semifinals results shocker: An early fan favorite earns last-minute save
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“America’s Got Talent” aired the first live semifinals elimination round last night on NBC. Only five out of 11 acts earned a pass through to the finals. Tyra Banks announced the three acts fighting for America’s Dunkin’ Save at the top of the hour and everyone was shocked to find Evie Clair, Eric Jones and Chase Goehring facing elimination by the end of the night. They delivered amazing performances this week! How did these three end up here?

Sad to Say Goodbye

The first two acts called up were Preacher Lawson and Greater Works. To our dismay, Greater Works was cut and Preacher earned a ticket to the finals. Preacher is undeniably funny. But, Greater Works was different, dynamic, and uplifting and this week's Aerosmith cover was fabulous! There has arguably never been such a peppy, feel-good large group like this on the show and we’re really sad to see them go. Sniff, sniff.

Tyra Makes a Mistake

Johnny Manuel and Yoli Mayor were up next and Tyra told them one of them was going through. So, everyone was shocked when she opened the envelope to reveal they were both going home. What? Even Simon Cowell called Tyra out on her mistake. It’s too bad neither one of these amazing singers made it through. Simon encouraged them both, saying this was not the end. They have both endured so many ups and downs on their AGT journey. And for Johnny, this was a well-deserved second shot. Let’s hope he gets a record deal that sticks this time. He deserves it!

Buzzer Buddies and The Clairvoyants

Tyra led the judges through a really fun game where they paired up, guys against the gals, to see how much they knew about each other. We learned Simon loves tangerines, his middle name is Philip and he thinks Howie would throw everything out of his closet. Meanwhile, Heidi likes chips, she can’t live without breathing (this is a given, right?) and Howie can’t live without his hair gel. What?! It was a silly game. But, it lightened the tension a little.

Last year’s AGT runner-up act, The Clairvoyants returned and really stepped up their game by making Howie and Mel B (who looked stunning, by the way), become psychic. Howie was blindfolded and could feel when Mel B was touched. Then, Howie could read Mel’s mind. It was amazing!

Final Cuts and Dunkin’ Save

Darci Lynne and Mike Yung, and Sara and Hero and Billy and Emily England were the final four acts called up to face cuts. Darci Lynne and Sara and Hero made it through to the finals. Yay! Mel B was thrilled to see Darci, her Golden Buzzer act, move on and she thinks the pint-sized ventriloquist could win the whole show—and she very well could!

Finally, Evie Clair won the Dunkin’ Save vote. Bravo, Evie! This left Chase Goehring and Eric Jones’ fate up to the judges. Heidi was the only judge who voted for Eric. The other three put Chase through to the finals, even though Simon didn’t think his song was as good this week as previous ones. Whew! That was a close call for the fan-favorite singer-songwriter who has delivered only original songs throughout his AGT journey. Good for him!

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Overall, Chase Goehring, Darci Lynne, Sara and Hero, Preacher Lawson and Evie Clair are the first five acts to make it through to the finals. Next week, the second round of semifinals airs with Christian Guardino, Angelica Hale, Merrick Hanna, Light Balance, and more fighting to take the final five spots. It’s arguably still anyone’s game to win, in one of the most exciting seasons in “America’s Got Talent” history.

“America’s Got Talent” airs one hour later next week on Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on NBC.