'America's Got Talent': Simon Cowell asks Garth Brooks to write song for Michael Ketterer
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“America’s Got Talent” judge and executive producer Simon Cowell asked country music superstar Garth Brooks for a favor following his Golden Buzzer act Michael Ketterer’s stunning semifinals performance last night (Sept. 4) on NBC.

The pediatric mental health nurse, devoted husband and father of six sang a powerful rendition of Miley Cyrus’ ballad “When I Look at You” and once again, the entire audience was on its feet when he finished, all four AGT judges included.

Before Michael sang, his video package showed some of his daily interactions with his young patients at the hospital where he works. He strives to make a human connection and a positive difference in the kids' lives. In a recent AXS interview, Michael stressed that he hopes he brings awareness to pediatric mental health and foster care/adoption in his AGT journey. The video clip last night definitely helped fulfill that hope and Simon was duly impressed with all that the Tennessee native singer does in his life, beyond his obvious vocal talent.

He moved Simon deeply with his original Bee Gees cover of “To Love Somebody” in his original AGT audition. In his quarterfinals performance, he made Simon cry with an emotional rendition of “Us” by James Bay. This week, Simon offered additional praise in the semifinals saying, “Just when I think you can’t be any nicer, then I see what you do at work as well. You are an extraordinary human being Michael, I have to tell you.”

The British music mogul paused, then added, “I’m going to send a shout out to somebody right now and that person is Garth Brooks. Garth, if you’re watching the show. Please write Michael a song for the final if he makes it into the final. I just had this feeling about you two having a connection. I hope he gets this message because I want to see you in the final with a killer song to make your dreams come true, Michael. I really want it to happen.”

Michael was bowled over by the gesture and thanked Simon profusely. There is no confirmation Garth Brooks got wind of Simon’s heartfelt request, as we head into what should be a super-intense elimination round tonight. Michael is one of 11 acts who competed last night, with six acts being sent home and five acts moving onto the “America’s Got Talent” season 13 finals, based on America’s vote.

Michael Ketterer’s AGT journey has been moving and inspiring. He credits his wife for helping him balance all that he does at work and as a father to one biological daughter and five sons adopted out of foster care. Michael dedicated his semifinals song to his wife Ivey, who looked on and smiled.

Will Michael make it through to the finals? Tune into “America’s Got Talent” tonight at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on NBC to find out and stay tuned to AXS for AGT updates.