Andy Grammer breaks into dad’s song on ‘Today’

No one can ever accuse Andy Grammer of not staying busy. The singer-songwriter with roots from coast-to-coast has been everywhere in recent weeks, from “CNN Newsroom” to the most playful of places on morning TV, co-hosting “Today's Take” on Jan. 30 with Al Roker and Tamron Hall.  It was Andy Grammer who was taken to task by a school-age challenge that many grown-ups of today still cannot master. Correct use of “their, there, or they’re,” along with other proper English usage was posed to a trio of bright fifth-graders, and the pressure of studio lights gave advantage to the more seasoned hosts.  Nonetheless, Andy Grammer showed he had a tender heart for kids, and anyone else, in the hour, breaking into a favorite and famous song by his dad.

Somewhat offhandedly, Andy mentioned his gift of music, “from my dad, Red,” in reflection of his positivity and purpose in music.  “Your dad is Red Grammer-- I can't believe it!,” exclaimed Al Roker, “Me and my kids know all his songs!”  When Andy Grammer reacted with only a surprised expression and “I thought you knew,” Roker replied, “I never made the connection,” raising his familiar eyebrows over the brim of his glasses.  Tamron Hall was clearly clueless about the vast catalog of classic children's songs by the acclaimed dad.  Without hesitation or a hint of scorn, Andy put his arm around Tamron, and started to swing and sway with the first verse of “I Think You're Wonderful,” from his father's “Teaching Peace” collection, so known for years by countless teachers and parents. The message clearly hit a tender target for Hall, who blotted tears away that were not meant for the camera at the close.

“So, you can see, when anybody asks about how I get my outlook, just look at the music that my dad gave,” Andy Grammer continued, giving his own answer at the end of the lyrical “A.M. affirmation.” Red Grammer is an acclaimed artist in the realm of children's and adult music, assuming the place held by Glenn Yarbrough of the Limeliters in 1981, tapped for the job by the group themselves.  He toured with the famous folk group through 1988.  Other cherished favorites written by Red, or along with wife, Kathy, include “Barnyard Boogie,” “Can You Sound Just Like Me?” and “Down the Do Re Mi,” which was named Best Children's Recording of 1993 by Pulse magazine.  The senior Grammer addressed issues for older children, on a more global scale with “Hello World, ”re-released in 2016.

It's no wonder that Andy Grammer has his latest hit, “Fresh Eyes,” filling TV commercials and the mission of transforming lives expressed through its video moving hearts to action -- like father, like son.

Additional source: “Today's Take” full broadcast, Jan. 30, 2017 NBC.