Anitta stuns in debut English-language music video for 'Will I See You'
Anitta / YouTube

Brazilian singer-songwriter Anitta premiered the music video for "Will I See You" on Sept. 3. It's her first English-language release.

Anitta is one of the biggest names in the Brazilian music market and she has been reaching the Latin market with collaborations with J Balvin and Maluma. Now the next frontier for Anitta is the English-speaking market and she's already taking her first steps with "Will I See You," her collaboration with producer Poo Bear.

Backed by Spanish guitar and light strings and percussion, Anitta questions the commitment of her lover. "Can I go to sleep at night knowing I wake up to my best friend?" she sings. Known for singing in Portuguese, Anitta sounds like a sultry angel for her first time taking on the English language. "See You" is a breezy and beautiful ballad from Poo Bear and Anitta that shows promise in the singer's next career move.

In the music video for "Will I See You," Anitta stuns throughout in glowing shots while Poo Bear plays guitar. Even though the clip is up on YouTube, the single hasn't been released to digital outlets yet as of press time.