Anthrax unleashes new lyric video for 'Suzerain'
Nuclear Blast Records/ YouTube

2016 has been a landmark year for thrash legends Anthrax. And how better else to celebrate the band's 35th anniversary than with the release of their stellar new album, For All Kings, and massive world-wide touring extending throughout the entire year? Although 2016 is quickly winding down, Anthrax refuses to wind down even a little bit. With big plans already lined up for much of 2017 beginning with the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise, a 26-date European tour,  and then "KillThrax" - a North American co-headline tour with Killswitch Engage, these kings of thrash metal will simply continue to reign on and on. 

But despite already looking to the new year, Anthrax isn't done with 2016 just yet, and has just released a powerful new lyric video for their song "Suzerain." Depicting a game of chess as well as images of battles fought by ancient empires, the new video for this electrifying and politically-charged tune is just as compelling as the song itself. "Mankind keep making the same mistakes over and over," Explained Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, "You'd think that after thousands of years of religious, economic and ideologic wars, we'd have figured out how to live with each other, but we haven't. That's what drew me to the idea for 'Suzerain.'"

Anthrax lovers and fans of the new album, For All Kings, are already familiar with the song -- but click here to check out the video for "Suzerain" now. 

And in addition to a critically acclaimed new album and the celebration of three and a half decades as a band, Anthrax still manages to keep racking up new achievements along the way as well. The newest is their recent "Innovator Award" presented by the Epiphone/Revolver Music Awards for the band's contribution to music. Hardly a dull moment has passed in the Anthrax camp for the last 35 years now, and somehow they're just warming up for much, much more to come. 

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