Apache Grosse releases hypnotizing video for 'POISON'
Apache Grosse

The rising Chicago R&B star Apache Grosse released a music video for his latest single, "POISON". The stunning visual narrative finds the singer in the midst of an inner conflict as he fights off and indulges in a multitude of temptations.

The camera swiftly follows his every step as he walks through the streets of Chicago and into a warehouse to chase after a mysterious woman. The lyrics mirror the scene that plays out, "She wants to live tonight/Leave fear behind/Unchain her mind," creating an ominous feel that hooks viewers.

There's an unexpected moment of silence as drinks are poured and he contemplates his next move, allowing the chorus to really shine. The understated appeal of this video allows Apache Grosse to showcase his vocal chops putting his combined talents of skillful lyricism and soulful voice at the forefront. Check out his latest video to listen to the up and coming artist before he blows up.