Arcade Fire: Why they're your favorite band
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Alternative rock icons Arcade Fire have just stormed back onto the music scene with a new video and tour dates for the massive Infinite Content tour. Since they have skyrocketed to fame, most people are now familiar with who Arcade Fire are, and for many fans the band has become akin to a religion. Here, we look at five reasons why Arcade Fire are your favorite band - or if they aren't yet, why they should be!

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1. Visual Arts

From working with Anton Corbijn (of U2 and Depeche Mode fame) on music videos to putting on some of the craziest live shows you will ever see (remember when the tickets said come in costume or formal attire?), Arcade Fire have been masters of visual presentation for years now. Much of rock music is about the sound, but Arcade Fire wants their fans to enjoy a full-sensory experience, and their work is always filled with as much visual delight as auditory.

2. Real Life

For a band that focuses so much on the bizarre, Arcade Fire's songs and influences are refreshingly drawn from real life topics. "We Exist" became an anthem supporting the LGBT population, "Wake Up" handles the tough transition from childhood innocence to the harsh realities of our world, and "Normal Person" serves as hearty reassurance to all of us weirdos out there that no one is ever really normal after all. Even their album titles pull from real life experiences we have all been through: The Suburbs was inspired by Will and Win Butler's upbringing in Texas, and Funeral drew its name from the various family deaths that occurred during its production.

3. Bridging Gaps

Arcade Fire love equality - their music also serves to bridge many gaps, not only those between fans that serve to make all of us different (even while loving the same band), but also within the music industry. Long have the Grammy Awards been known for honoring artists that the industry thinks are most deserving, while often ignoring the bands fans at home are really crushing on - especially in the indie category. Arcade Fire somehow managed to broach that gap, creating music that could not only be loved by their fans, but also be recognized by the industry, paving the path for alt rock bands like Cage the Elephant to also win Grammy Awards. This also made Arcade Fire an important step in bringing indie mainstream - after all, you have to know Arcade Fire, or hipsters will attack you.

4. Passion

All bands have a love for their craft, or else they wouldn't stick it out in an unforgiving industry. Five minutes of listening to a song like "Rebellion (Lies)" should tell you just how much Arcade Fire injects passion into their work, but if hearing it alone doesn't get your blood pumping, try seeing them live. These guys put every ounce of their being into their live shows, which often turns attendees to their festival sets into full blown converts.

5. Positivity

In dark times, Arcade Fire radiate positivity. Their lyrics can be so decidedly morbid that one might forget this, but their positivity has been what kept them going for so long. These attitudes have enabled the band to make real change in the world and even receive a humanitarian award. Much of their charitable work has focused around Haiti, from where member Régine Chassagne's family hails. The band's efforts have led to the creation of the organization Plus 1, which encourages artists to donate just $1 from each ticket sale to charity causes.