Aretha Franklin's five most underrated songs

Aretha Franklin has been commanding respect from music fans for the past 59 years, and even at the young age of 73, her voice still sounds as heavenly as it did when she first got started. Franklin has a ton of legendary hits under her belt, but there are five singles that has flown under the radar of even her most diehard fans, until now.

5. “The House That Jack Built

Aretha was on fire in 1968, and one her most unknown hits was “The House That Jack Built,” which went to No. 6 on the Hot 100 and No. 9 on the R&B charts off of an old soul beat that suits Franklin’s booming voice to perfection.

4. “Tracks of My Tears

This midnight slow jam is one of Franklin’s best ballads. But over the years, the song has become lost in the shuffle among Franklin’s bigger hits. Although “Track of My Tears” was not a big hit on the charts (No. 72 Hot 100 in 1969), it is a ballad that many R&B fans need to seek out and listen to.

3. “Jump to It

In the early ‘80s, Franklin was suffering from a commercial slump, and this caused some of her best tracks during this period to be underrated. “Jump to It” was one of those tracks that should rank among Aretha’s best, but it is not largely known outside of old-school R&B audiences. The track is fun and vibrant, and you will have a grand time dancing to this song.

2. “Almighty Fire (Woman of the Future)

By 1978, Franklin was beginning to head into a period of commercial decline. But even during this period, she made some pretty stellar tracks that were pretty much ignored on the charts, and one of those songs was “Almighty Fire (Woman of the Future).” This fiery track has all of the disco elements, and Franklin used these elements to her advantage. “Almighty Fire” was unfortunately not a big hit, and one listen to this track, and you will be wondering why people turned their backs on such a fine tune.

1. “United Together

In 1980, amid slumping sales, Franklin left Atlantic Records for Arista with the hopes of reviving her commercial fortunes. Her first single under the Arista label was “United Together,” a sentimental ballad that reached No. 3 on the R&B charts. It is a beautiful song, and it is a love song that is rarely heard today. Although it reached the top 10 on the R&B charts, “United Together” is underrated outside of her diehard fans, and that is a shame because this is a ballad that will warm your heart.