"Woman in a Chair" will make its debut at an exhibition in upstate New York in September 2016. 

"Woman in a Chair" will make its debut at an exhibition in upstate New York in September 2016. 

Photo courtesy of Anne Stanner, used with permission.

Artist speeches, gallery exhibitions, and other public displays and/or showcases of paintings and sculptures are popular live events in cities with thriving art scenes. Anne Stanner is a well-respected New York artist who works primarily with sculpture. The founder of the Sculptors Alliance and a professor at the prestigious Art Students League of NY, Anne is currently anticipating two new exhibits of her work that will run between August and October 2016. 

Her first show, "Masks," will be on view at Manhattan's Tompkins Square Library from August 2 through September 30. The show features a collection of whimsical and delightful masks, made from metal and other found objects that were clearly inspired by the traditional art--notably African Art--on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. “These sculptures embody the influence of two interrelated traditions: masks and assemblage. They are not meant to be worn, but rather to serve as a decorative evocation of different mask spirits, personalities, and expressions,” Anne Stanner wrote in her artist statement. Noting that masks are often made from varied objects and fabrics, Anne used many recycled materials in these sculptural forms. The library is open from 11am-7pm on Mondays through Thursdays and 10am to 5pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Admission is free. 

Then, from September 3 to September 24, Anne's artwork will be presented in an exhibit in the upstate town of Kingston, NY. Her figurative sculpture "Woman in a Chair" will make its debut via this show titled "Sculpture-The Third Dimension" which is sponsored by The Arts Society of Kingston (ASK). The opening reception is on Saturday, September 3, from 5pm to 8pm at the ASK Gallery. The show will feature over thirty pieces of art from local sculptors and nationally recognized artists. The gallery is free to enter and open from 12pm to 6pm Tuesday through Saturday. 

To learn more, visit the official website of Anne Stanner.