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Born on the banks of the Okavango River, Namibia, Francois Klark was instilled with plucky optimism, leading him on a path of gutsy resilience and musical greatness. His first few years were spent along the Caprivi Strip, and the rich local culture imbued him with a steely presence and a discerning ear for rhythm and melody. His debut single “Spaceman” is a fantastical mixture of spacey Coldplay acrobatics and a stunning John Legend nuance.

The South African native draws much of his work from traditional folk music and indigenous songs. “Last night, in my dreams, I set off a flare to guide you,” he muses on “Spaceman,” which slinks between brittle vulnerability and stormy resilience. “I will search for you / To the edge of the stars, I will fight for your heart,” he comforts, a rather sticky-sweet addiction to love.

“No journey too far,” Klark reflects on his splashy debut single, released August 2017. The track is ripped from his forthcoming first full-length album. Klark contains a world of masterful compositions: both familiar and refreshing. Meanwhile, his vocal is undeniable, sharply-dressed onto the storytelling lyrics, and you feel the weight of every single syllable. He pours his heart out, and we’re just along for the ride. 

Klark is a Universal Music Award winner and has shared the stage with such acts as Grammy winner Jon Bellion. Klark's forthcoming debut album is expected January 2018.

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