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Writer, photographer, founder of @onehungryjew and cohost of @girlsgottaeatpodcast. Contrary to how I may look & act, I have (some) hobbies that extend passed eating & listening to myself talk. They are: bathtubs, massages, bourbon, Pittsburgh sports teams and getting a lot of attention. If we’ve dated or are going to date in the future, you will be talked about on this podcast. You’ve been warned xo



Standup comedian, writer, and founder of @brosbeingbasic + @fashiondads_. Hobbies include: group texting, wine “tasting”, taco eating, dancing, hanging with her dog and petting every other dog she sees. Turn-ons: sense of humor, passion for ‘90s hip-hop. Turn-offs: cheapness, angry drunks. I enjoy candlelit pizza dinners, long walks around the East Village, and GUYS WHO HAVE THEIR SHIT TOGETHER (sorry for yelling).


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