Asher Monroe reinvents himself with solo career

For Virginia-native Asher Monroe — formerly known as Asher Monroe Book — the spotlight hasn't been something he's been required to adjust to, as it's continuously played a prominent role in his life. Whether it's been Monroe's stints on the Broadway at the mere age of seven years old; his role as lead singer in the "Love Struck" singing boy-band V Factory, or as personifying the role of Marco Ramonte in 2009's Fame, Monroe's adapted to the spotlight, be it as through the lens of theater, music, or film. However, now, for the 26 year old, his focus remains vested on his solo career.

After V Factory charted on Top 40 with their single "Love Struck," released their These Are The Days EP, and performed with the likes of the Backstreet Boys, Kelly Clarkson, and Pitbull, the boy-band disbanded, catalyzing Monroe's shift in career aspirations: his solo career. In 2011, he appeared under the shortened name of 'Asher Monroe,' versus the 'Asher Book' he had formerly been recognized by. Utilizing the platform of social media, Monroe took to YouTube to release his first solo endeavors, initially beginning with live performance videos. However, all changed upon the releasing of his first music video for his song "Like I Do."

The song and video reintroduced the world to Monroe's impressive, audible range and charm. Upon the video's release, the fan community instantaneously gravitated towards Monroe, who earned well-over one million views on the music video, within its first 24 hours. In an interview with Confront Magazine, Monroe commented on the video's immediate success, noting, "It’s amazing to see the fans get excited when they hear my music. I try to engage with them as much as possible. Nowadays with social media its so easy to connect and give the fans what they want..and they deserve it." Following the immense success of "Like I Do," Monroe has gone on to release a collection of successful tracks and music videos, including his videos for "Here With You," "Every Night," "Hello Baby," "Hush Hush," and "Memory," which features a collaboration with Chris Brown.

While performing seems to be second-nature for Monroe, throughout his solo career it appears as though more of an emphasis has been placed on burgeoning his social media audience, relying more-so on such than touring. Since his stint on the Digi Tour in 2012, Monroe hasn't frequented touring as much, instead, focusing on social media presence and producing as much musical content as possible. During his performances on the 2012 Digi Tour, Monroe frequently provided upbeat, lively performances. The audiences also gravitated towards the intimate moments created by his ballads, such as "Like I Do," and the energy provided throughout his more upbeat numbers, such as "Hello Baby," as he was continuously supported by a live band, versus relying on a backing instrumental track.

Throughout his limited performances, Monroe has constantly ensured versatility and providing a platform by which he can demonstrate his talents. While he finds ease in captivating audiences with energetic, upbeat tracks, seen through his comfort on-stage, Monroe has also displayed his flexibility with his acoustic performances. Whether joined by a piano or acoustic guitar, Monroe seemingly enjoys creating a more intimate environment with his acoustic renditions. Ranging from acoustic performances of singles "Hush Hush" to "Here With You" to "Hello Baby," Monroe encounters no trouble in expanding his setlist and exuding his versatility.

Most recently, Monroe released various songs, including "On My Way," "Down," and "Again," with a formal solo debut studio album anticipated.