Atlanta Falcons fans want Future to perform the National Anthem at their playoff game against the Seahawks

Every so often, the forces of music, sports and baby mama drama come together in a story like a beautifully choreographed touchdown pass. Such is the case this weekend in Atlanta, where Falcons fans have concocted a genius plan to help their team in Atlanta's divisional round playoff battle against the Seattle Seahawks.

As you may have heard, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is married to R&B star Ciara. Prior to her nuptials with Wilson, Ciara was in a relationship with rap star and proud Atlantan Future. We’ll spare you the litigious details but suffice it to say their relationship did not end well. Now, in a hilarious example of gamesmanship (the classier cousin of trolling), Falcons fans are petitioning the team to have Future perform the National Anthem at the game on Saturday. Because there’s no distraction quite like running into your wife’s ex right before you have to go to work.

Sadly, the will of the people is unlikely to be headed in this case. First off, the Falcons have already booked smooth jazz saxophonist Mike Phillips for the National Anthem. Secondly, Falcons coach Dan Quinn has said “we will absolutely not go down that road” when asked about playing the music of Future as to get into Wilson’s head (the team’s official game day DJ, however, has other plans).

Still, we remain hopeful. You see, the Falcons have Ludacris booked for their halftime show and in 2012, he and Future hooked up for the song “Blow.” So hypothetically, we could see a Future guest spot during Luda’s performance, though it would be a bigger surprise than the Falcons overtime win against the Vikings in the 1999 NFC Championship game.

So if the prospect of a rematch of one of the best NFL games of the season wasn’t enough, there’s the possibility of some reality show-styled drama creeping in as well. Click here to check out our preview of the game and listen to Future's song "Juice" (which may or may not be about Russell Wilson) in the video above.