Atlanta Gladiators to visit fans at La Madeline Feb. 8
YouTube/la Madeleine

The Atlanta Gladiators players will be at La Madeline French Bakery and Cafe on Thurs., Feb. 8 to meet fans. There will be 10 players at the cafe from 6 pm-7 pm and another 10 players in attendance from 7 pm-8 pm. The La Madeline French Bakery and Cafe location where the Gladiators will be present is at the Mall of Georgia. 

The Mall of Georgia is in Buford and offers a casual setting. Everyone in attendance will be entered into two prizes. The grand prize is a Gladiators worn jersey and the second prize is a $30 gift certificate to La Madeline.

The Gladiators who will be at La Madeline from 6 pm - 7 pm are Dan Vladar, Taylor Stefishen, Rick Pinkston, Brady Vail, Alex Carrier, Colin Sullivan, Alex Gacek, Derek Nesbitt, Taylor Doherty and Stephen Pierog. The Galaxy who will be at La Madeline from 7 pm - 8pm are Sean Bonar, Darby Llewellyn, Luke Sandler, Tanner Pond, Ben Danford, Colin Jacobs, Phil Lane, Zach Malatesta, Lindsay Sparks and Eric Shand. 

Known for its outstanding pastries and croissants, La Madeline offers outstanding French cuisine to the United States. It was founded in 1983. 

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