Atlanta Reign promotes academy player to 2019 Overwatch League roster
Atlanta Reign/YouTube

Atlanta Reign revealed a last-minute addition to its Overwatch League roster just days before the second season kicks off.

Dustin “Dogman” Bowerman has migrated from the ATL Academy, the Atlanta Reign’s academy team in the Overwatch Contenders, to the main roster in the professional league. As a support player, he will join Steven “Kodak” Rosenberger and Petja “Masaa” Kantanen in the role to complete the team’s support trio.

Dogman first entered the competitive Overwatch scene in early 2017. His journey to the Overwatch League has been less than easy; while grinding out Overwatch games, his grades began slipping in his first semester of college. After his parents discovered he had flunked, they kicked him out, forcing him to stay with friends.

The American player has since competed under several teams, including Kungarna and Last Night’s Leftovers. With his help, the ATL Academy secured second in the North American Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 3.

The Atlanta Reign is one of eight new expansion teams joining the Overwatch League for Season 2. Owned by Atlanta Esports Venture, the team was the one of the first to reveal its branding and initial player signings in late October.

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The Atlanta-based team will step on stage for its first time on Day 2 of the Opening Week in its match against the Florida Mayhem.