AXS Exclusive: Bad Cop premiere's their holiday single, 'Up on the Rooftop'
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Nashville-based rock band, Bad Cop, has teamed up with AXS to exclusively premiere their holiday single "Up on the Rooftop." The band is gearing up for their upcoming album, Hello Mr. Sunshine, produced by Chris Grainger, known for his work with Wilco and Cadillac Three.

Having begun on the music scene in 2009, the band has had a steady stream of positive critical and fan acclaim, and making their name at hit festivals. Referencing why the band determined to release the single, the band says "we randomly decided to record some Christmas tunes back in July for the purposes of licensing the songs. With this one ended up really liking the melodic guitars and snotty grunge vocals, so we decided to give this tune to the people for some Christmas cheer. Also thank you to Chris Malone and Sol Wilcox for working on this recording with Alex and I!"

Bad Cop's origins began in 2009 when singer-songwriter, Adam Christopher Moult met guitar player Alexander Hartness, and the band began to take root. The band was picked up by NYC's renowned ROIR Records, and released their debut album, Harvest the Beast. Shortly after, they created their music label, and solidifying relationships with French Kiss Label Group and Prince Cook LLC. With those labels, the band released three EP's and a split 7.' With the tragic passing of Hartness, Bad Cop's music still lives on through the band's upcoming release and the Nashville scene, where he is fondly remembered. The band has toured with such established bands as Cage the Elephant, and have great achievements ahead in 2017. 

Be sure to listen to Bad Cop's newest holiday hit with "Up on the Rooftop." 

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